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First off, thanks to The Collection in Miami for hosting this event - great setup and the catered lunch was icing on the cake. Awesome! Also want to thank EVO MS for bringing some amazing cars to this event.

Anyways, despite of a hot, humid day in Miami, many came out to check out the Gumpert Apollo and the EVO tuned 997TTs. The Collection also took the opportunity to unveiled on very special 997TT they had built for a customer. It was an orange-gold colored car, pretty much completely modified... I think the hood, doors and roof are the only panels from factory. The owner was treated to an unveiling party in front of many enthusiasts. Very nice car indeed.

Here are a few pix from today's event. enjoy.

Gumpert Apollo:

Awaiting the unveiling of the 997TT:

Tribute to Audi R8: "I've been told to dream of red italian sports cars":
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