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Soul Performance Products is looking for a local Porsche 718 for exhaust component development.

Owner(s) of a 718 Boxster / Cayman with factory exhaust system
Where: 2300 Maryland Rd, Willow Grove PA
When: We would need the car for a minimum of 2 weeks, ideally 3+ weeks for more thorough development and testing.
What: A variety exhaust solutions without a check engine light.
Why: We’ve evaluated what the market has to offer and would like to offer a great solution for increasing power and turbo sound – without increasing the boxer note that some may find distasteful. Additionally, we aim to offer several exhaust systems to meet different sound expectations. Dyno testing is to be expected. You'll leave with heavily discounted product(s) of your choosing.

Down for development? PM us or email us at [email protected]
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