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Hello all,

This is my first post to the forums. I purchased my first Porsche, a 2006 Boxster S this past May and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

Generally speaking I've always left the sound systems alone in most of my vehicles but the stock Becker CDR 24 head unit was so bad, I had to ditch it. I ended up going with a Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX. The install was very clean and love the new look and sound. The new Pioneer really brought out the stock speakers. To add, my Boxster does not have the Bose or Sound-Plus system.

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Anyways, I had been using the NEX all summer without issue. In late October / early November, I started getting a feedback noise from the speakers one day. The feedback initially started out small, but then got very loud and unbearable. I initially started to worry that the Pioneer head unit went bad. After some troubleshooting, it turned out the stock ASK amplifier went bad. I found a couple other posts from some members that also had their ASK amps go bad and had similar feedback experiences. The ASK amp part number for my Boxster is 987.645.331.01. After checking with Porsche, I found it was going to cost $450 to get another and there were a grand total of 6 left available for purchase in the United States.

I checked with the guy who installed my Pioneer. He recommended the following amp as a replacement - Axxera AX47S (link below). It had pretty similar dimensions to the ASK amp and would fit behind the box / cover used to store the tire sealant etc in the luggage compartment. It costed me a little over $200 for labor / parts.

aXXera Audio - Ultra Slim Series Amplifiers

Anyways that's all been installed now and the feedback is gone. Overall I'm very happy with the new amp. Thought I'd post this in case anyone else comes across a similar issue with their ASK amp.

Here's a couple pics - one of the AMP that went bad and the new one installed.

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