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by: pcormier

Description: 1. Chock front wheels.2. Jack rear of car up3. Place on jackstands4. Remove rear wheels.5. Remove head shield and leading wheel well liner.

6. Remove trailing underbody pan.

7. Remove connector from coil packs. Slide rubber cover up and away from connector. Slip your fingernail gently under the clip, to disengage it. Slide the connector body up and away from the coil pack.

8. Remove coil packs

9. Remove plugs10. Replace plugs (22.5 lbs-ft)11. Replace Coil packs (7 lbs-ft)12. Reverse steps 7 – 1.This took me a few hours being the first time and having to figure stuff out, and because I am slow. On the drivers side the forward-most coil pack was challenging due to an annoying hose in the way.I also did a compression test while I had the plugs out. I removed the fuel pump and injector/coil fuses (row D, 1 and 7) on my car. Look at your little fuse legend that is attached to the fuse door in the Drivers side kick panel. There’s a fuse puller above the fuses, not on the fuse panel door.

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