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by: BillC

Description: I'm selling my like-new SpeedArt exhaust for first-generation Caymans and Boxsters. This is the TUV version. I had this on my car for three weeks, for only about 100 miles or so, so it's all still clean and shiny. I also had the header-to-muffler pipes Jet-Hot coated in their Extreme Sterling coating, which is rated for up to 1700 degrees F. Also, I'm including a modified bumper bracket (so you won't have to modify yours) and all the brackets, clamps and other hardware that came with it (i.e., it's complete and ready to install). I'm selling because I want to get a set of coil-overs, and need the money from the exhaust to help pay for the new shocks.I'm asking $1500 plus shipping, or best reasonable offer. Between the exhaust, the bracket and the Jet-Hot coating, I've got over $1800 in this exhaust. So, here's your chance to get an essentially new exhaust at a great discount (on top of the group buy discount, for everyone who missed the group buy).I'll try to add some pics soon, but it looks just like the pics that Gator Bite posted in his review.

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