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SOLD...SpeedArt exhaust system for '06 Cayman S ... TUV


This SpeedArt-brand exhaust system was part of the group buy that GMP Performance did late last year; the system arrived early this year and sat in my musicroom for a couple months. It's for my 2006 Cayman S and is the quieter 'TUV' system. I had it installed Sunday the 20th and uninstalled Wednesday morning the's too loud for me, and my fussiness about exhaust noise is YOUR gain. It includes the complete system less the 2 flange gaskets. It's in like-new condition.

I'll pack it in the same 1x2x4' carton it arrived in. Read the Cayman Modifications forum for lots more info about it. $1200 plus shipping. I take PayPal (with no additional fee) and other payment methods too. I'm in Phoenix; zip 85021. Call me on 602/550-6135 (9AM - 11PM PDT) if you want to talk about it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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