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I've got the dreaded "failure spoiler control" on my 2007 Cayman. But sadly, it my be my own doing.

I was fitting a new radio, and the previous owner had taken a 12V ignition feed from the spoiler/PSM button module. What a good idea, I thought. So I used this feed to make sure my new radio was working properly before fitting. However, after ignition on, satisfied my new radio was fine, I accidentally disconnected this feed from the radio, and received the failure spoiler control error. I now see this on every ignition on.

Here's the strange thing. The spoiler is stuck on the up position. The button on the dash is still illuminated, and when pressed, I can here the spoiler move ever so slightly in each direction.

Have I broken something, or will clearing the fault code fix my issue?

Also, at the moment, that 12V ignition feed from the Spoiler/ PSM unit is dead.

Just checked, the PSM button does nothing and there are no faults logged on the ECU. I've ordered a replacement PSM/Spoiler button unit. Will update when it arrives.

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