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I'd like to welcome all of our sponsors to this sponsors-only forum where we can discuss issues or items of interest to our sponsors!

The first item I would like to discuss is Croctoberfest 2009.

Currently the plan is to hold the event in conjunction with the Chicago PCA Region T.R.A.C. event at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. The event routinely attracts more than 500 cars and more than 1000 people and is the second largest PCA event behind parade to be held each year. There are a variety of events going on from historic displays to drivers education to a full club race, a concours a banquet dinner and even a fun rally. We'll combine a couple of other items for our members of the Cayman Club from PlanetPorsche.Net which should make for a fantastic event.

When: Thursday Sept 3rd - Ferdinand Porsche's Birthday - Evening Social
through Monday Sept 7th - End of Club Race

I have talked to the Chicago Region PCA as well as Road America and there are sponsor pavillion opportunities available. These are handled directly through the PCA Region and the track so I have no control over the cost. The cost for having a presence at Road America for the event is $500 per sponsor.

Now I know this is more expensive than our $150/sponsor at prior Croctoberfest events, but in the past we've had anywhere from 50-100 Cayman Club people at the event, at this year's event there will be over 1000, so from a cost per prospective customer perspective it is a better "deal" than in the past due to economies of scale.

I'd like to get a feel from our sponsors as to how many are considering coming to the event this year and participating at this level? As an added incentive to get you to come, I will waive any charges for sponsors associated with the Thursday night Cayman Club / Planet Porsche social we are going to have as I want to do everything I can to encourage our sponsors to come out and participate, especially since there is a great opportunity here to do some experiential marketing as I discussed in a prior email to all of you. Our members who can experience products first hand are much more likely to buy and much more likely to talk about them here on this website.

I look forward to your replies!

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As you work so hard to make this work, and as it's NOT in October this year. I will make every effort to be there, maybe not in a full "Sponsor" role as it's difficult to get that much Product on the plane from the UK. But I'm sure we can come to some kind of compromise.
I'm going to try and get a bunch of people from the UK interested as well.
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