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Sport/Short shifterSport/Short shifterSport/Short shifter (2006-2010)

Option Code:XCZ - Sport/Short Shifter(2006-2010)

Cayman and Cayman S at time of purchase

Cayman and Cayman S Porsche Dealer OEM part


The desired effect of the Porsche sport/short shifter
is to reduce by approximately 20%
the distance your hand needs to move to engage the next gear, thus reducing the
amount of time spent shifting, reducing wasted time between shifts, and
resulting in improved performance.

A true sport/short shifter decreases throw by reducing the angle that the shifter
shaft travels through during its stroke between gears. By reducing the angle
that the shaft travels through between gears, the distance that your hand needs
to move between gears is also reduced.


2006-2010 Cayman Sport/short


Normal shifter movement

Gear shift Automotive design Vehicle Steering wheel Personal luxury car

2009-2010 Cayman Sport/short

Sport/short shifter movement

Gear shift Automotive design Vehicle Steering wheel Motor vehicle

2009-2010 Cayman Sport/short shifter

Side by side comparison

Gear shift Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel Personal luxury car

2009-2010 Cayman Sport/short shifter

Part Number: 997.424.983.00

Engineering Cable Plastic Machine Wire

2009-2010 Cayman Sport/short shifter

Cayman part diagram

Slope Font Auto part Parallel Rectangle

Benefits: The sport/short shifter gearshift mechanism offers a reduction
in lever travel of approximately 20%. Precision engineered for accurate gear
selection, the result is a more dynamic driving experience. The option can be
combined with any Porsche shift knob.

If adding an OEM sport/short shifter
after delivery, the OEM part is a direct drop in that requires no
permanent modification to the shifter cage like many aftermarket short shifters

An OEM sport shifter can be obtained from
a Porsche dealer for as low as $426 if you decide to upgrade from the standard shifter.

Drawbacks: Sport/short Shifters feel
heavier and more mechanical than the standard shifter, especially when the
transmission is cold. Porsche found that the sport/short shifter was diminishing the
overall enjoyment of owners who were not prepared for a sport/short shifter.

Because of this, in 2007 Porsche removed this option from the order guide so
dealerships could no longer order inventory cars with it. The option is still
available by special order (when ordering a car to spec), or as a dealer
installed item.

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FAQ Information:
This FAQ was originally written by Gator
Bite but has been updated
by jfkr33 and the
FAQ Team
. Last Revised: June 2010

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