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I can only tell you direct experience. I don't have SportPlus, only Sport. I never turn off nannies on the track.

In addition to everything that guy said, I can tell you that Porsche nannies are so beautifully tailored that they will stay off as long as you are driving properly. You can certainly use all the tools you have in the toolbox to rotate the car into or out of the corner and they will not flinch if the move is done right. As they say, they will give you all the rope you need to play to your heart's wish, but never enough to hang yourself.

Well, let me amend that last statement. Sometimes physics are faster than nannies and consequences are too heavy for them to do anything about it. This is mid-engined car, never forget that. If they go and once they go, things happen so fast that nannies might not help you. I was lucky to spin 450 degrees and not hit anything on very cold track after passing through the puddle of water. Give the car the respect on the track and don't count on nannies to solve 100% of your mistakes. That said, though, when physics are favorable, keep the nannies on anyway - I still do it as a teaching tool, that's how well they are made. If they blink, I always assume that limit of the driver was reached, not that of the car and try to improve in the same place next lap.

Enjoy track days, I wish I could go next weekend :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts