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Yes. There's spy photos over the past few weeks. It is testing at the Ring and Hockenheim. You can Google for them. Expect February 2023 announcement at Geneva. Production run is likely 15-18 months.

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Here's the other kicker, and I'm going to be very specific with the words I use. There is a non-zero chance of a manual transmission. Not that it's coming. Not that it's not coming. That there is a chance of a manual being offered in the Spyder RS, and the GT4 RS in 2023.

Why potentially now? Why not with the GT4 RS? A few reasons:
  • Regulatory and emissions compliance costs. Not cheap. Takes time.
  • Tooling costs. The GT3 manual transmission requires significant retooling for the mid-engine cars. Takes time. Remember, they did a one-off 981 GT3-engined GT4 -- took 5+ years for it to see production as the GT4 RS, learning what was going to be required from the prototype to make everything far easier for the actual release.
  • Taking the first two into account, they want to make sure it's going to have been worth doing. It's Porsche. They're cautious and like their money.
  • Porsche wants something to announce every year. Hence why Spyder a year later than the GT4 RS.
  • Look into what high up folks at Porsche own Spyders. They're extremely prominent, and they are very vocal that they like their manual transmissions.
  • Spyder buyers are very different than normal motorsport division buyers.
  • Precedent: 991.2 Speedster. Motorsport division, more advanced motor than the 991.2 GT3, manual. Motorsport division gets to do some weird things and "break rules" because Preuninger is very good at knowing what will sell. This is a good way to move more mid-engine cars with a huge $150-200K price tag.
  • Ultimate sendoff. Going out with a bang. Mid-engine cars are being replaced by Mission R soon, which is all electric.
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Want one? You probably have 60 days to get your deposit in. Mine's in, I'm first, but could get bumped to 2nd or 3rd because I don't spend millions. If PDK only, I skip regardless.
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