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Spyder RS is coming

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Yes. There's spy photos over the past few weeks. It is testing at the Ring and Hockenheim. You can Google for them. Expect February 2023 announcement at Geneva. Production run is likely 15-18 months.

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Here's the other kicker, and I'm going to be very specific with the words I use. There is a non-zero chance of a manual transmission. Not that it's coming. Not that it's not coming. That there is a chance of a manual being offered in the Spyder RS, and the GT4 RS in 2023.

Why potentially now? Why not with the GT4 RS? A few reasons:
  • Regulatory and emissions compliance costs. Not cheap. Takes time.
  • Tooling costs. The GT3 manual transmission requires significant retooling for the mid-engine cars. Takes time. Remember, they did a one-off 981 GT3-engined GT4 -- took 5+ years for it to see production as the GT4 RS, learning what was going to be required from the prototype to make everything far easier for the actual release.
  • Taking the first two into account, they want to make sure it's going to have been worth doing. It's Porsche. They're cautious and like their money.
  • Porsche wants something to announce every year. Hence why Spyder a year later than the GT4 RS.
  • Look into what high up folks at Porsche own Spyders. They're extremely prominent, and they are very vocal that they like their manual transmissions.
  • Spyder buyers are very different than normal motorsport division buyers.
  • Precedent: 991.2 Speedster. Motorsport division, more advanced motor than the 991.2 GT3, manual. Motorsport division gets to do some weird things and "break rules" because Preuninger is very good at knowing what will sell. This is a good way to move more mid-engine cars with a huge $150-200K price tag.
  • Ultimate sendoff. Going out with a bang. Mid-engine cars are being replaced by Mission R soon, which is all electric.
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Want one? You probably have 60 days to get your deposit in. Mine's in, I'm first, but could get bumped to 2nd or 3rd because I don't spend millions. If PDK only, I skip regardless.
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Key quote: "Andreas Preuninger is in charge of Porsche's GT cars like the GT3 and GT4, which includes the Boxster Spyder. He recently said that if a Spyder RS happened, 'it wouldn't be a track-focused machine'."

That tells me he still wants to keep it a bit loose, with a focus primarily on reducing lift (more so than the 982 Spyder did over the 981 Spyder) and improved airflow management, not downforce. Moreover, it's an indication that there's a chance in hell of a manual assuming it was approved given the significant tooling, regulatory, and other homologation costs that would be required.

Granted, Porsche has a lot of special stuff coming out and in the works right now. There's the lightweight pack in the Turbo S now. There's the Sport Classic, a RWD 7MT 911 Turbo -- and we already know there's two other heritage models on the way: The upcoming 911 ST (a GT3 Touring aiming to be under 3000lbs), and a 911 RS based on the upcoming GT3 RS that'll have its styling heavily influenced by the 1972 Carrera RS.
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Production bodywork spotted as of yesterday (August 4th). The CFRP fenders with the vents to relieve wheel well pressure, carbon hood with the brake cooling NACA ducts. The proper front fascia, splitter and guides for the air curtains. The GT4/GT4 RS scoops for the sidepods.
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We know the GT3 RS gets announced on August 17th. I wouldn't expect the Spyder RS at Frankfurt as it's under two months away, but it's possible. I still feel it's Geneva with the 911 ST, as Porsche likes to spread out their announcements to always have something to announce every year.
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Note that new slots for the buttresses are back, on the upper intake housings. Were in the above, just to make it more obvious.

Scuttlebutt is although Motorsport is involved, similar to the 991.2 Speedster, the Individual/Exclusive group is really running this project, and it's not entirely under the purview of Motorsport. Like the Speedster, "not a track car." Lots of rumblings that the tooling and homologation/regulatory costs for the manual may very well have gotten the green light, though obviously it's wait and see, as one's not been photographed with a manual yet. So if you wanted a smaller, lighter, less expensive (but NOT cheap) mid-engine Speedster, this is it. MSRP may also be a fair chunk above the GT4 RS, mostly because Spyders sell in far lower numbers than GT4s -- typical ratio is 2.5 GT4s for every 1 Spyder.

Tiny chance of it showing at Frankfurt in a week, but still seems like Geneva is when it drops.


I've talked to every dealer in New England. Most are already being a PITA and wanting a hefty ADM, if not looking to gate it like a GT3 RS. I've likely got my spot already (if it has a stick), because a salesman who I've known 15 years went to bat for me to his GM -- if I juice the spec enough, I'll get one (likely not the first), without an ADM. I might be waiting until late 2024 though, which I'm fine with.

Good luck to folks who want one. We know how nonsense the GT4 RS has been thus far.
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Considering the 911 Dakar (woo!) is the only car announced in advance of the LA Auto Show next week, the Spyder RS should still be Geneva in February 2023.

I'm curious if they'll put a ring time up for it, as the window for doing that is about closed at this point given the weather. Historically, despite the fact that Spyders are intended to be "zero lift" cars with just "airflow management" as opposed to "downforce cars" like the GT cars are, they're usually within a few seconds of the GT4. Even the 981 Spyder with normal, narrower tires I believe was within 2-3 seconds of the 981 GT4 that had net downforce and 30mm wider Sport Cup 2s, and that the 981 Spyder was only zero-lift to around 130mph or so (982 Spyder might be 150ish).

Spyder RS has some real aero though. My guess is they're trying to ramp up corner exit speeds, and eliminate the typical front-bob at higher speeds in the straights that non-GT cars typically have.
The sales person I do business with said that PCNA confirmed production ot the RS Spyder and it would be debuted in the Spring.
Yeah, so Geneva Auto Show ended up being replaced by Doha, Qatar, as the organizers decided to move it from Switzerland to Qatar. Moreover, the show has seen multiple changes in schedule and might be entirely moved to November 2023. What a mess. Geneva used to be where the really interesting stuff dropped.

So Spring 2023 still is inline with my expectations, just as to what auto show it'll debut at is the question, as the Geneva Auto Show no longer exists.

Chicago is possible, but unlikely. Nothing huge ever really drops at Chicago, though I could be surprised. The Amelia is possible, and Porsche has debuted cars at concourse events before. Councours de Elegance also possible. If none of those, it'd be New York in April.


I wait. Also figured out how to get my paws on PPG 8Y0 (Lexus) Structural Blue to send in for PTS+ testing. If I'm going crazy, I'm going full crazy.
No announce so far at New York International Auto Show. The 981 Spyder was announced at NYIAS, but notably Porsche sometimes announces in advance of a show’s start date.

It’s possible it’s announced in the coming days, but if I were to guess, the general supply issues on things like PCCBs, metallic flake for PTS, etc. may have forced a delay until when they’re confident that supply issues won’t impact production.
We know it's coming, but the question is still when. I've heard nothing. Again, wouldn't surprise me if things are being delayed because of supply chain issues, homologation issues -- especially if the Spyder RS and GT4 RS will now get manuals -- etc. They're still throwing the thing around race tracks in the interim.

The "we really should see it by then" is going to be the Goodwood Festival of Speed in mid-July, where Porsche is the showcase marque celebrating their 75th anniversary. We have the Concours d'Elegance in May and the Milan motor show in June. Outside of these three, it's certainly possible Porsche will announce it outside of big events.
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It's announced.
PDK only.

EDIT: As I expected, it'll be at Goodwood, but will be publicly shown in Stuttgart next month.

I'm personally torn, and am reaching out to a few very well known shops to see if a conversion is possible. I'm sure I'm not the first to ask. After all, Porsche's GT4 RS prototype had a 6-speed manual. My guess is they just didn't want to deal with all the homologation and regulatory costs.

EDIT 2: Video from Top Gear

EDIT 3: Manual conversion may indeed be possible, from my talks with some shops. I need to have my allocation confirmed, but I'm in. I will manual convert one.
I ordered the original 987 Boxster Spyder a month after it was announced at the 2009 L.A. auto show. It arrived 13 years & and about a week ago. Still have it. Still love it. Until 2 days ago, I figured I'd own it until I was too old to drive. But this Spyder RS is a truly special machine for those who prefer topless motoring and high performance. I convinced myself I can let the original go and shell out the money for this new one. I've been trying to place my order for the last 24 hours. $100K additional dealer mark-up seems to be the best deal I can find. I had to work hard to convince myself I was ready to spend about $172K for the build I had spec'ed, but I got there. But anything over MSRP is a bitter pill to swallow. $272K is beyond a bitter pill for me. I'm out. Disappointed, to be sure. But I still have my original Spyder. Can't complain too much (and no-one would listen, if I did ;)).
For a little perspective, I actually got a small discount on my 987 Boxster Spyder, and it's still worth close to what I paid for it back then.
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For a little perspective, I actually got a small discount on my 987 Boxster Spyder, and it's still worth close to what I paid for it back then.
I’ll be blunt — you’re in California, so you’re boned on ADM. Competition is fierce out there. A big reason is there’s an increasing number of people getting GT3s, particularly in California, and when they realize it’s not doing it for them, they get a 987/981/982 Spyder. Heard of at LEAST four cases of this now. So now serial GT3 and GT3RS buyers are now a small part of the mix.

I get firm info next week from my salesman. Boston market is very different, plus I’m a known enthusiast who piles non-commute miles on his car, so I’m likely not just getting one… but I’ve been told that between the build, buying a manual transmission for a swap, etc. I might be dodging ADM entirely. It’s just an entirely different market out here, but my salesman is also one of the last of his kind - super old school, and has gone to bat for me twice now even though I’m the exact opposite of a typical luxury car buyer.

987.2s are spiking because they were straight up undervalued. 981s are climbing because people now appreciate how loose they are compared to 987s and 982s. 982s will be up soon because production is ending. Prices are going to settle somewhere higher of where they are now. I feel we’re another 10-15 years before the slope increases.
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