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Stock Dyno runs?!! (pics inside)

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Took my 04 CTT to the dyno a couple of weeks ago to get a baseline before I start modding it. I would be curious to see other dyno graphs. The guy I bought my CTT from claims that it has no flash, yet my curves look similar to chipped graphs I have seen.

You can see that with no smoothing on the graph I need coils :hilarious:

Anyone else have stock dyno sheets to post?

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Cole, Do you find it dissapointing on how little chatter happens on Planet 9 for the cayenne owners? I am a big fan of Planet 9 due to my Cayman S roots. I was hoping it would have the same community for Cayenne owners.
I do. But I figure someone has to post and maybe it will help bring some people in.
I do. But I figure someone has to post and maybe it will help bring some people in.
Exactly and it would be nice over time if this was "the" resource for Porsche owners.....oh well keep posting cole, cos it's gotta start somewhere :cheers:
I'll help. 394 hp. is pretty decent. That's only like 10% driveline loss. Impressive. Torque loss is even less. Have you dyno'd with the upsolute yet?
Its been insanely cold here. (-30 with the windchill) And snow. Which has complicated The trip back to the dyno.

As soon as I get a chance I will get over there.
I do. But I figure someone has to post and maybe it will help bring some people in.
I'll come in on this topic! My wife has a 2006 CTT. It is a fantastic ride. We're taking it to Cargraphic (we live about an hour from their German HQ) in about 2 weeks for their Stage 2 Powerkit. They say it should pump out about 70 more hp and about 100Nm more torque. We have to get the TÜV approved exhaust (a bit quieter) because we live in Germany. I'm looking forward to seeing the process (I'm hanging around while they do the modifications which include muffler, chip and air filter). Going to talk to them about a bit of lowering for it too. If I like what they do to the CTT, I'm going to take my 2009 CS to them. Their Stage 2 Powerkit allegedly adds 25 hp to a 2009 CS. We'll see....
We'll chat Cayenne, we have a 05 turbo for the wife's DD. Love it! The mod process is beginning as we test out typical mods to see if we like!

Looking forward to your post tune Dyno!


This thread seams quiet!

Cole, any dyno results or seat of the pants impressions you can update us with??

As and IPD dealer (planet-9 specials on right now) we have purchased and will be installing one of the plenums on our own 05 Turbo. My wife drives this vehicle as her daily driver. I doubt we will dyno it but I will report back on what we think of the product. We have had good results on other porsches with them...

We will also be installing a set of Fabspeed cat bypass pipes, that are sitting in the shop. Again, we will let you know what we think!

I installed an Upsolute chip and have a follow up dyno set up for this Friday. Will post the results when I get them.
Okay. Since the deep freeze seems to be over I scheduled a second dyno run this Friday. Should be about the same outside temps as the day I did my first stock dyno run.

Then we can see what this thing is really doing.
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