I'm looking for some used stock speakers that someone might have swapped out of their 987.2 in favor of "upgraded" speakers.

I seem to have one that's starting to buzz at higher volume levels - in the driver's side door. I haven't determined if it's the woofer or midrange. So - I'm looking for good condition used cheap replacements. Hopefully from a climate that doesn't eat the foam speaker surrounds for lunch (so a cool, not too dry place probably..)

I'd like to have them on hand for when I pull the door card and start looking for the buzzy one. The operative word here is "cheap" - Porsche charges silly prices ($60) for what's basically a $5 speaker. There are replacements for small money ($20-30) that are possibly an improvement over stock, but in this case - for simplicity, I want to keep the speakers basically stock. They work well enough for me - when they don't buzz on bass notes.

What'cha got laying around gathering dust? This is the basic auto system (no amps, no fiber, just a headunit and 7 speakers..)