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strange solution to the smoking problem

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Hi everyone. ive been searching far and wide for a cayman that in my price range. i finally found one (2007) that has good records, decent mods and is kinda local.

The owner only drives it at track days and on weekends. He's from the next state over so he trailers it down to my home track to race. as such, he always has it serviced at the on track Porsche indie. they have a pretty long history of porsche service and racing air cooled cars.

when going through his service history, i saw he got his AOS replaced twice but both times with the factory 987 one and not the motorsports AOS. when i asked him about it, he said after the second replacement didnt fix the occasional smoking, the guys at the shop recomended he run his car short one quart. Now, he does have the mantis deep sump +2 quart, so hes running 1 quart more than factory. He said it solved his smoking issue.

if i buy this car im going to get a motorsports aos for my own peace of mind. and im still going to get a ppi done at my own preferred indie. but im wondering if anyone has every heard of this as a solution to the occasional smoking issue on track?
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I would be cautious about buying a tracked car. The M97 engine is famous for blowing up. Listen to the engine for a loud tapping like a lifter. If you hear it, I would run away.
FYI, I blew my engine a few years ago, they are very expensive to replace.
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