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Again thanks Lemon and PMNewton and Adax for their assistance/articles. Lot's of help.

Lemon's Article:
Schnell Autosports - European OEM/Aftermarket Parts + Racing: Installing Bilstein's DampTronic Suspension Kit On Our 981 Cayman

Adax's 987 Article which has good torque numbers in it. I confirmed with Lemon.
Lowering Spring Install - Articles

And a separate thread with my additional notes fro myself:

On each corner of the car I completely removed the suspension. This was to avoid the hassle of popping ball-joints. And based on what I've read, removing the suspension entirely sounded and felt much more simple than wrestling with the ball joints and also the descriptions of pushing down the lower control arm.

(Note - It's assumed you will be getting a 4 corner alignment when you are done.)

Below you'll see my trusty sidekick - A lightweight jack. Having one is invaluable as it gives a third hand, and also lets you adjust the suspension height to very easily remove and re-assemble the numerous suspension bolts. And yes...for the front, a single paint can is perfect height to hold up the brake caliber. Ignore the coil compressor. It was an experiment. I never used them. Didn't need to take the hats off.

**For the sensor connectors, I found that if you press down/together on the clip and THEN use your flat-head on the release, that works the best. You'll hear and feel the 'click' of the release. Honestly, in this entire project, removing the sensor connectors gave me the biggest fits. It wasn't until the last wheel that I figured the trick out.**

Suspension out. Time, start to finish for first front: 3 hours. Time, start to finish for second front: 45 minutes. Second front went extremely smoothly.

As the linked articles mention, the fronts are good to start with for practice, because the rears are a bit tricky.

Take out some of the trunk's trim.
How to here:

I was seriously dreading this part but it went very simply with help from the above guide. Actually, re-installing everything was trickier. You'll end up with this:

Again...removing the suspension get this:
Yes, TWO paint cans perfectly hold the brake caliper safely. :)

Sorry for the selfie. This pic does a good job of showing exactly what I've removed. (As in the bolts). Very important note: For the CV joint bolts, you need to find a 12 tooth Torx 50 wrench. Don't settle for a 6 tooth.

Now the only part of this project where having help is really handy is re-installing the new rear strut into it's mount. I had the entire rear suspension on my jack and it's a bit of a dance to get the top-hat lined up with the 3 mounting holes, plus get the axle in the right place+lower control arm+forward control arm. For me this was the hardest part...but if you take your time you'll eventually figure things out.

Time for first rear wheel: 2.5 hours. Time for second rear wheel: 2.0 hours (A lot of PIA things happened on the second rear wheel. The time should be closer to 1.5 hours).

Note here on the CV joint bolts. At any given time, 3 are really easy to get to and 3 are really NOT easy to get to. So....and....FYI....I have a PDK in PARK and this still works....remove/replace 3 of the bolts, then jack up the opposite wheel so it's just off the ground and HAND ROTATE the axle (I turned on the rotor) until the other three bolts are in the 'easy' position. Return the other tire to the ground. When I re-assembled this part, I tightened two on each side, rotated, tightened two more and then rotated a couple more times to get that last two. The idea being to balance out the pressure like when you tighten up your tire on the rim. Call me OCD.

So here is the car with stock OEM suspension:
** rats....the site is not letting me upload any more pics right now. Still trying..... ***

And post x73 strut install: (Which is not uploading now......)
** rats....the site is not letting me upload any more pics right now. Still trying..... ***


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Thanks for that. DIY pictorials are always a treat.

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i feel your pain.. that was a PITA..... the rears..

your lucky ..if it was a pasm project.. the whole interior had to be removed to find the pasm connection..

great job..


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Nicely done! Thanks for sharing...
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