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Reverse Logic introduced RLL-80-2 Race Ramps two years ago this month. This ramp design was the first Race Ramps 2-stage incline service ramp to feature a cradle top platform and invertible incline sections which can be used as trailer ramps.

The radius of the cradle top is 17.5" and is compatible with most car and SUV tires. The cradle top platform helps keep the free-spinning front tires positioned on the platforms when the rear of the car is lifted with a floor jack.

The initial incline of 6.8 degrees is 4 degrees lower than standard 56" and 67" Race Ramps models and can accommodate low ground clearance cars.

The invertible incline sections can be used in conjunction with a trailer door or trailer ramps to facilitate loading a car onto a trailer.

For 2015 we increased the slope on the platform section of the ramp to allow the cradle to be extended back an extra inch. Normally transitioning from 6.8 degrees to 15 degrees in the second stage would be too abrupt of an increase. However, as a practical matter the second stage is so short that it is not an issue.

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