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Dear 987 owners,

In order to better help us help you, I've put together a brief survey that I would like each 987 owner to answer. We will compile the results and hopefully come up with some offerings that will benefit our members. Please take a few moments to reply to this survey.

Question 1: What modifications have you made to your 987 in the last 12 months?

Question 2: What specific brands/parts have you purchased to make these modifications? (Example: XYZ Company Wheels or ABC Company ECU Tuning)

Question 3: How much did you spend making these modifications? (Estimates are fine, for example "About $2000", etc.)

Question 4: Can you briefly explain why you bought each item you listed? (Example: "Was on Sale", "I considered it the best in the market", etc.)

I appreciate any and all responses to these questions as they will help us make Planet-9 an even better place to be!


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I replaced the original battery in my 2008 Cayman 2.7 with an Interstate battery. Porsche dealer told me that the original battery should be good for 7 years, so I replaced it prior to failure. Cost was $151.00

I removed the Eiback lowering springs and reinstalled the stock Cayman S springs which I had installed before the Eiback springs. I bought a new house with a steep drive and my Cayman would scrape going in and out of the garage. Cost was $750 which included four-wheel alignment.

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With the exception of replacing the original battery 12 months ago (I have a 2007 2.7) and an oil change last month, no other work has been done on my Cayman in the last 12 months. I've had several modifications done (i.e., TPC turbo kit, KW coil overs, Agency Power SSK, etc.), but they were all done more than 12 months ago. I may be done with mods.

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Engine Rebuild (unusable core) - Flat 6 Innovations - $25,000 - Best builder in USA
Tikore Wheel Bolts - Bought used from 6 Speed user - $300 - couldn't afford new
Cayman Bumper and Wing - bought used from ebay - $400 - couldn't afford new

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1. Lightweight flywheel and new clutch mechanism.
2. ECU flash
3. FF engine mount insert

1. Aaasco, Sachs
2. FVD Brombacher
3. Function First

1. $2300 for parts and labor
2. $750 for parts and software
3. $130 for parts, $300 for labor to install (and remove!)

1. Read threads on P-9 about LWFW, and chose the one that reviewed well
2. FVD was running a special at the end of 2013 on P-9
3. Part was promoted on P-9, was one of the first to install. Way too harsh for DD. Company has since produced a "softer" insert for DDs, will swap out hard unit for those who bought early like me.

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Boy has it been a busy 12 months...

I purchased these mods because I consider them to be the best available - each choice was made with no less than a full weeks worth of research in to competing products. I live in the UK though, so your mileage may vary as I don't have as much choice as you Americans :)

In chronological order:

Remus Ti2 Titanium Race Exhaust
Purchased from for ~£2000 (inc. VAT)
Fitment took approximately 3 hours @ £72p/h (look out for rusted bolts)

Love the noise, gave a seat of the pants improvement, looks fantastic! Probably my favourite mod!

OEM GT3 Throttle Body + IPD 'Competition' Plenum
Purchased from for ~£1000 (inc. VAT)
Fitment took approximately 4 hours @ £72p/h (fitment of the larger plenum is a real pain)

Seat of the pants improvement in torque, slight change in exhaust note.

Softronic ECU-Remap
Purchased from for ~£800 (inc. VAT)
DIY Fitment, very easy once the procedure was known but Design911 did not provide instructions and so was harder than it should have been.
Fitment took approximately 3 work days (from scanning the car to receiving the new file)

Solid remap, fixed an occasional CEL light brought on due to other modifications.

Fabspeed Sports Headers (200Cell)
Purchased from [email protected] from this website (awesome guy) for ~£1500 (excl. VAT)
Fitment took approximately 3 hours @ £72p/h (fitment was easier due to fresh bolts from exhaust install)

Wow this sounds awesome, and definitely gives an improvement to power - this is easily my second favourite mod.

Evolution Motorsport V-Flow Intake (with synthmax filter)
Purchased from Regal Autosport(UK) for ~£700 (fitted inc. VAT)
Fitment took approximately 1 hour @ ~£72p/h

I like it, but can't explain why - perhaps I just get a kick out of modding my car, but either way I can now maintain the air-filter myself.

GT3 Master Brake Cylinder + SRF Castrol Brake Fluid

Purchased from JZM Porsche for ~£385 (excl. VAT)
Fitment took approximately 2 hours @ 72p/h

Great pedal feel, an absolute must have for any Cayman or Boxster owner wanting to track their car.

GT3 Front Brake Ducts
Purchased from [email protected] from this website for ~£20 (or some other figure - it was very cheap!)
DIY fitment took approximately 2 hours because I took my time and it was sunny out :)

Once again I like them, and i'm sure they make a difference to the brake temperatures on track, but i've never noticed (this is a good thing!)

Girodisc 340mm Front Discs + Titanium Shims + Pagid RS29 Brake Pads (Yellow)
Purchased from for approximately £1300 (excl. VAT)
Fitment by JZM Porsche took an unknown amount of time (left it with them all day whilst I went to work - watch out for air bubbles in your system, they will need to be bled once or twice)

Pads are rock solid and last forever, increased breaking torque provided by larger discs, improved cooling... great mod.

Mase Engineering ECU Tuning (custom dyno remap)

Purchased from Steve [email protected] Engineering for ~£400
Tuning process took ~2 hours

This guy is hands down one of the best people i've ever had the chance to meet in the automotive tuning industry - Fantastic remap, fantastic job.

RSS Tarmac Series Lower Control Arms (Adjustable) + track alignment etc

Purchased from Center of Gravity for ~£1300 (incl. VAT)
Fitment will take approximately 6 hours from start to finish including pre/post inspection drives, alignment and consultation.

This is being done Thursday this week, i'm sure i'll voice my opinion somewhere on this website once i've had a track day to digest the changes :)

I think there are some other smaller mods, but they are currently escaping me... i'll add to this list as I remember.

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Question 1: What modifications have you made to your 987 in the last 12 months?

I have made too many to list, as my car was a full race build, but I wanted to list those that I thought were the best / most helpful for others.

Full Engine Build, Vision Motorsports, 3.4 L to 3.8 L. -- More than $20K. Dwain's customer service sets him apart from other engine builders. He is accessible and helpful, just as anyone selling a premium product should be. Motor runs flawlessly and Dwain has been great with follow up questions and analysis.

JRZ 12-31 Suspension -- Installed by Olsen Motorsports -- Remanufactured / Used Parts, Around $9K. Previously had MCS Two Ways, which were a great product as well. Was seeking the additional adjustments afforded by a three way for my home track, which is on the bumpy side.

Front Brake Ducts -- Olsen Motorsports Custom Part -- $700. Hands down the best solution I have seen for track cooling on the Cayman. This has saved my front braking ability. More expensive than the Porsche products and worth every penny. Prior to this braking hard in a 30 minute race would mean brake fade --not anymore. Tim is super helpful and knows his Caymans. This one was a lifesaver for me.

Brembo GT Club Race front BBK -- $4K. Great product, car has crazy stopping power. The only front brakes I have tried and liked for Cayman.

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-Switched to Joe Gibbs DT40 motor oil for street/Joe Gibbs XP9 for track based on comments by Jake Raby about oil failure, DT40 ~$130/case, XP9 ~$200/case
-Rennline adjustable gas pedal ~$400 to help heel and toe better
-CAE Ultra shifter from Hard Motorsports to prevent money shifts ~$1100
-Torque Solutions Trans axle mounts to firm up trans axle mounting with bearable increase in NVH $285, after reading experiences I never installed Function First motor mount
- FVD Deep sump to add a little more oil and increase baffling around pickup, $651 from Suncoast
-TTP Oil saver to better scavenge oil from RHS cam cover at track, bought unused from P-9 member $1700
-Vision Big Brake Kit to prevent fade at track while having wide selection of pads to choose from, ~$4100 these work fine with GT-3 MC already in place
- Pagid RS-29 track brake pads for BBK from Vivid racing $431, Stock 2004 GT3 pads and hardware kit from Sonnen $297
-Titanium brake shims to reduce heat transfer to fluid from Hard Brakes $173
- GSR Electric Power Steering Pump kit to preclude a host of PS failure modes & gain 8 HP, ~$1400. The kit costs less than what people charge for PMS electric PS pump
-Cayman R Suspension and Tarett rear strut mounts to experience the R feeling cheap. Bought suspension from P-9 member for $1200, got rear strut mounts $495 Rennline/free shipping before price increase, already had front camber plates, swapped them over
-Replaced 3 radiators with CSF all aluminum radiators to get rid of fragile plastic radiators and gain 8% additional cooling capacity $1215 from StylinTrucks
-Replaced stock horns with Hella B133 while changing radiators. My car is on third set of stock horns which are poor. ~$100
-Replaced rear tires with Michelin Pilot Super Sports, one was cut to cords $544 delivered by Discount Tire Direct, local mount/balance $40
-For good luck I bought a spare shifter cable and OEM water pump from Sonnen ~$600

All these goodies were self installed, hobby/addiction.

Entering into 2013 my car already had Odessey AGM battery, 987 Motorsport AOS, Softronics Flash & SRP, Fabspeed exhaust and headers/sport cats, TPC sway bars, third radiator kit, 996 oil cooler, 3 Qt Accusump, LN spin on oil filter adapter, GT3 master cylinder, BBi coil packs, Tarret sway bar links & bump steer toe links, RSS LCAs, fire extinguisher, luggage barrier, clear bra, Das Schild, EVOMS dry airfilter, stainless brake lines, oil temp & pressure gauges, front & rear brake ducts

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1. Borla cat back exhaust. $1200
2. K&N air filter. $40
3. NGK Iridium plugs. $75
4. FVD ECU flash. $800
5. Chrome headlight trim rings. $40
6. HIP clear engine cover. $650
7. IPD competition plenum and GT3 82mm throttle body. $1100
8. B&M short throw shifter. $150
9. Porsche Alcantara shifter boot and knob. $180
10. Rennline fire extinguisher with mount. $175
11. Team Yellow coil overs. $1000
12. Continental DSW tires with alignment. $1000
13. Durametric cable. $250
14. Carbon fiber strut brace. $225
15. LED Spars. $250
16. LED license plate lights. $25
17. Alpine head unit with nav,iPod, satellite, back up camera with install kit for Bose speakers. $2300
18. Escort built in radar detector with laser shifters. $1200
19. Function first engine mount bushings. $130
20. Plasti dip wheel paint kit. $100
21. Sprint booster. $260
22. SS brake lines, fluid and bleeding tool. $260
23. Assorted products from Griots Garage to keep her pretty. $500

I do all of the work myself with the exception of the stereo system so I save a small fortune in labor.

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Building my CS on a tight budget, so all mods were bought to improve appearance or performance, either on sale or via P9 classifieds.
1. Victor equipment wheels--P9 classifieds--$850
2. H&R lowering springs--$299
3. K&N air filter--$40
4. Euro style license plate vinyl/decal--free :)
5. Techart wing--P9 classifieds--$500 so far. Still modifying and experimenting. Carbon fiber supports and water jet cutting will add $$
6. Alcantara shifter--P9 classifieds--$25 I think. I can't remember.

Other than wider tires, better wipers, a new battery, and pagid brakes that sums it up!

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I have been busy as a bee the last 6 months in fact.

I purchased all of these products because I thought they where the best for the money and have heard highly of them on the forum. I do everything by myself because we own a shop so no labor cost!! Trying to run the RS370 Kit from Evolution Motorsports on my daily driven 06 CS.

1. Third Radiator from Suncoast
Cost: $359.00 (New)
Reason: Had to replace the water pump, thermostat, coolant, and coolant temp sensor so it was perfect timing to do the upgrade.
Impression: Very easy to install and looks nice in the middle, also cools the car down a bit quicker so I don't have to hear that dreaded fan on the right side!!

2. Lightweight Crank Pulley from RSS
Cost: $140.00 (New)
Reason: Trying to build hp and was part of the RS370 kit developed my Evolution Motorsports. Also was down there doing the water pump so yet again good timing.
Impression: Installation was surprisingly easy (Best to put a shorter belt though went with a belt 35mm shorter)... not a huge gain in hp but needed for the kit.

3. Fabspeed Race Exhaust from Fabspeed
Cost: $1270.00 (New)
Reason: Needed for the kit mentioned above and would like a deeper sound!
Impression: Unfortunately do not know.... didn't fit correctly and was sent back for them to sort things out. Will let you know as soon as I hear it.

4. 200 Cell Sport Headers from Fabspeed
Cost: $2181.00 (New)
Reason: Part of the kit and make it a bit loader as well.
Impression: Yet again don't know because I will wait to do the whole system all at once... less of a headache for me.

5. V-Flow Intake from Evolution Motorsports
Cost: $349.00 (New)
Reason: Part of the kit and seemed better than the BCM or K&N filters personally.. that plus the kit was developed with this component in mind.
Impression: A bit loader in the cabin and a minimal amount of difference by itself but paired with the full tune and plenum you have something.

6. 82mm Competition Plenum and Throttle Body from IPD
Cost: $879.00 (New)
Reason: Need it for the kit as well
Impression: Don't know yet because of limited time due to the shop being swamped with work. Can't get a chance to put it on yet :(

7. ECU Flash from Evolution Motorsports
Cost $600.00 (New)
Reason: To tie everything together maximizing every components potential.
Impression: Unfortunately a common theme in this mission, not actually on the vehicle... waiting on that darn exhaust!

8. LED Interior Lights from Suncoast
Cost: $149.95 (New)
Reason: Wanted to make them brighter that way it was not so depressing getting into the car, that and it looks so much better. (Best cosmetic mod in my opinion)
Impression: Why didn't Porsche put them in as standard? It has made that big of a difference, best $150 spent on the car.

9. LED Tag Lights from Suncoast
Cost: $60.00 (New)
Reason: To match the interior lights.
Impression: Looks much nicer and matches the lights like expected.

10. Clear Side Markers from Suncoast
Cost: $35.00 (New)
Reason: Clean up the front end and to get rid of those pesky amber side markers.
Impression: Looks much nicer than originals and I actually get a lot of good comments now about the from end.

11. Porsche Factory Short Shifter from Suncoast
Cost: $430.00 (New)
Reason: Make the vehicle feel sportier and shorten the travel from shift to shift.
Impression: A must have if you like getting involved with your car... best performance mod I have done just because of the shorter throw.

There are even more mods I have done to the CS but will post a little bit later on, that way I can actually write them down instead of going back and forth with posting.

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In the last 12 calendar months...

1. Red seatbelts $700 Suncoast
2. Black exhaust tips from fabspeed (just snatched these yesterday used $150)
3. Soon to come in spring new tire/wheel package conti DS and OZ formuls HLT from tire rack $3100 including new TMPS sensors.

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Custom fit rear cargo mat from Suncoast. $95 + $16.53 S&H = $111.53. Bought it to keep the rear area carpet clean and unworn.

O.Z. Alleggerita HLT wheels with Dunlop winter tires installed on them from Tire Rack. Wheels cost $$1,845.62, tires $911.42 with $95.04 S&H, free mounting and balancing. I drove one winter on summer tires with no problem, but decided not to push my luck by doing it again. I was following advice from this web site about that.

Two piece luggage set designed to fit in a Cayman's rear storage area. Manufactured by Road Trip Luggage. Wanted some luggage that would fit properly in such a small car. Bought the set from Pontiac Eleven LLC, a vendor on When I bought them last summer the price was $149.99 + $19 S&H. They are now charging $199.99 for the luggage, with S&H remaining at $19.

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Question 1: What modifications have you made to your 987 in the last 12 months?
Porsche Short Shifter, installed
Numeric Shift Cables, sitting in the closet waiting to be installed (next few weeks)
BC Velocity Dream II tips, again sitting in box for install
SRP Racing Aluminum Diamond pattern pedals, maybe installed today??

Question 2: What specific brands/parts have you purchased to make these modifications? (Example: XYZ Company Wheels or ABC Company ECU Tuning)
See answers above

Question 3: How much did you spend making these modifications? (Estimates are fine, for example "About $2000", etc.)
About $1100

Question 4: Can you briefly explain why you bought each item you listed? (Example: "Was on Sale", "I considered it the best in the market", etc.)
Porsche Short Shifter - Found it on the forums for a good price. Liked that it was Porsche.
Numeric Shift Cables - According to the forum posts, these appear to be the ones to go to. Looking for a more mechanical feel in the shifter.
Exhaust tips - Want a little more growl. Again, read about in the forums. I have to say the communication and responses from Jim Loving at BCV is first rate. Quick replies, kept informed, pleasant and professional on the phone; everything you want in excellent customer service. Cannot wait to install.
SRP Racing Pedals - wanted a better look and feel. Foot slips off the Porsche pedals too easily especially when wet. These appeared to be nice and their website had relevant data on performance.

Still researching exhausts. Leaning towards Carnewal modification.

Thanks for asking these questions K-Man!!

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Question 1: What modifications have you made to your 987 in the last 12 months?

Sent the CS to a very expensive boarding school for a year. Still waiting for it to graduate with honors. It would be easier to list what I didn't change. I will make an effort to detail some of the highlights later.

Surprise best mod for the $$ is the stock modified shift linkage from Vision. It has make shifting so much better!

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Question 1: What modifications have you made to your 987 in the last 12 months? Answer: 1. larger plenum and throttle body, 2. ECU tuning, Limited slip diff, 3. GT3 seats and racing harnesses, 4. extra set of wheels for teh track with Advan AD08 tires, 5. new snow tires for the winter.

Question 2: What specific brands/parts have you purchased to make these modifications? (Example: XYZ Company Wheels or ABC Company ECU Tuning): WheelDynamics for plenum and throttle body, Softronic ECU tuning, Porsche LSD (but modified by Napleton Racing to add an extra plate), Suncoast for the Porsche seats, Schroth harness, Enkei wheels, Yokohama for track tires and Dunlop for winter tires - all from TireRack.

Question 3: How much did you spend making these modifications? (Estimates are fine, for example "About $2000", etc.): Plenum + throttle body: $1200; Softronic (bundled with Durametric Pro): $1345, Porsche LSD, seats and harness installed: $7500; wheels: $200 (for all 4!); tires; $1100 for the Yokos, $700 for snows. Listing it all in one place is a bit sobering -- I hope the wife doesn't see this!

Question 4: Can you briefly explain why you bought each item you listed? (Example: "Was on Sale", "I considered it the best in the market", etc.): Engine mods and remap to get a bit more HP; LSD, seats, harnesses for better track experience; dedicated track wheels and tires to save my stockers, and snow tires so I can have fun all year long!

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Our 2007 Cayman is running very well with the modifications we did during the first five years of ownership. Modifications: desnork, DREAM1, IPD plenum, ECU flashed, Brighter Sylvania headlight bulbs and headers.
I believe we have gained at least 10 hp with these mods. However, the Cayman makes the most wonderful mellow sound and that was what I was looking to accomplish.
In the last 12 months a new Interstate Battery and four new Michelin tires. Routine maintenance: change oil and filter every year, replace engine air filter every 10K miles and clean/replace cabin filter. Of course numerous coats of polish.
The Cayman is a joy to drive.
Carmona Red
B C Velocity Exhaust

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I demoed my Bose sound system, Replaced the head unit with a Pioneer X3500 touch screen with a JL audio five channel amp and a Kicker sub amp as this system has two subwoofer systems in it and the sub speaker that's on the left passenger kick panel was replaced by a 6.5" earthquake subwoofer, this system puts the Bose system in it's back pocket,
Also I have had a TPC turbo upgrade to my Cayman S and Today it dynode at 405 crank Hp and 235 tourque, way better than my 930 turbo was and that is at 5300 feet elevation in Rio Rancho NM , 10 miles north of Albuquerque, I had some bugs to kill in the turbo install but all is well now. Total $14K "Gulp".

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1. Upgraded sound system by adding rear speakers and new amplifier.
2. Painted calipers
3. Lloyds mats
4. Cayman spoiler
5. LED interior lights
6. LED rear license plate
7. Clear corners
8. Remove "Boxster" from trunk
9. As an experiment, Plasti Dip a wheel to see how it looks. If it looks good, maybe Dip the other wheels or powder coat them.
10. Plasti Dip the side vents black (black car)

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Replaced Michelin PS2 with Bridgestone RE-11 for better wear and more enjoyment at HPDE's, from Tire rack
Bought used GT3 Euro factory seats to simplify install to wear 6 pt. harnesses, via eBay & Rennlist - Outrageous prices new if you can still find them
Bought DMC harness bar on sale thanks to Planet 9
Bought Schroth Profi 2 6 pt. harnesses for HANS at HMS Motorsport, used previously and satisfied
HANS Sport II Medium 30 from HMS Motorsport, for safety sake
The idea is to do more track days, have more fun, and be safer. All told will cost $5000+ with installation.
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