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Question 1: What modifications have you made to your 987 in the last 12 months?

Wheels and tires, intake, plenum and TB, steering wheel, H&R PASM friendly springs, LED upgrades and exhaust

Question 2: What specific brands/parts have you purchased to make these modifications? (Example: XYZ Company Wheels or ABC Company ECU Tuning)
EVOMS intake, IPD plenum with GT3 TB, Soul performance X pipe and satin tips, DCTMC flat bottom steering wheel and some stunning Augment Wheel company 19” GT hyper silver forged wheels with new michelins

Question 3: How much did you spend making these modifications? (Estimates are fine, for example "About $2000", etc.)
I’m afraid to add it up... don't care really, the car is meant to be enjoyed, this is the path.

Question 4: Can you briefly explain why you bought each item you listed? (Example: "Was on Sale", "I considered it the best in the market", etc

Haven’t even taken delivery of my 07 987.1 S yet, but have been accumulating goodies for it’s arrival.
The only concern with the upgrades was exhaust. As my car is a tip, all of the exhaust reviews (Even AWE-Tuning, my usual go-to) were that the drone in the tip cars was a deal breaker. Nearly every purchasor returned their exhaust as it was unbearable.

The rest of the goodies were just to liven it up a little and make it mine.
Not a track car. Just a garage queen to be enjoyed now and then.
121 - 121 of 121 Posts