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Dear Porsche owners,

In order to better help us help you, I've put together a brief survey that I would like each Porsche owner to answer (If you did not already answer the 981 or 987 specific surveys). We will compile the results and hopefully come up with some offerings that will benefit our members. Please take a few moments to reply to this survey.

Question 1: What modifications have you made to your Porsche in the last 12 months?

Question 2: What specific brands/parts have you purchased to make these modifications? (Example: XYZ Company Wheels or ABC Company ECU Tuning)

Question 3: How much did you spend making these modifications? (Estimates are fine, for example "About $2000", etc.)

Question 4: Can you briefly explain why you bought each item you listed? (Example: "Was on Sale", "I considered it the best in the market", etc.)

Question 5: What model Porsche do your answers pertain to? (Remember if you have a 981 or 987 do not answer this survey, answer the one specific to your model)

I appreciate any and all responses to these questions as they will help us make Planet-9 an even better place to be!


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For '06 Cayman S:

1. Bought Used GT2 CF seats. Price too embarrassing to divulge. Love em! This year or last? I forget.

Bought New Anti-Sub belt mounts from FVD. This year, definitely. Still not installed. May never install. I fear they may kant the GT2 seats back too much because not thin enough….It's just a fear, not a thing I know for sure.

Bought New Schroth Harnesses….$500? Still uninstalled. May never install due to sub-bar issue and infrequent DE use.

Bought Wevo Semi-Solid Trans Mounts … (Price???) Still uninstalled. Probably will install.

Planning on getting my IMS bearing inspected and getting the grease sleeve removed. Will have trans mounts installed then.

Bought Engine mount supplements (Price???) Still uninstalled. May never install. I'm hearing now that they make the NVH a little less acceptable.

Bought Engine Oil and Mann Engine Oil Filters… Unused. Had tech change oil last time. Will use sometime. I like having an oil change in stock in the garage. Pelican Parts?

Bought 3 Mann Cabin Filters… Pelican Parts? Still uninstalled. Will install one soon.

Bought new right side Fender Liner piece from dealer. Paid Retail Price. Installed myself. Mine got damaged from a tech taking the nose off in a hurry working on a Sunday at Putnam Park a couple years ago to get my engine oil cooler leak solved. Great guy. I will never forget the trouble he went to on my behalf for very little money. Finally got around to replacing this just because it was bugging me.

Bought new GT Silver (almost a match) stock pre-painted underside front spoiler lips. Installed myself. Damaged from pulling too far forward into diagonal parking space.

Bought rear adjustable toe-link bushings with bump-steer option from Tarrett. Installed at Euroquippe below.

Bought 3 oil services and 2 4-wheel alignments from my local tech, Euroquippe, in St. Charles, IL.

Bought new Zimmerman stock type front and rear rotors from Pelican parts. Installed myself.

Bought and installed Hawk ceramic pads for street use. (Price? Vendor?…Pelican or similar, I think.) They work great…NO DUST!!! but the fit is a little wrong on the fronts and I will never, ever attempt to use them at a track. They work but rotor wear will be strange. May have to replace rotors again

I'll be changing the cabin air filter and probably engine oil myself when the weather gets nice. 21 degrees this morning still. I'm thinking maybe by June it should get decent around here. It's like we moved to North Dakota or something. Once I can work in the driveway in comfort, I may even try to install the harnesses and sub bar. Don't like removing seats in the garage.

Bought lightly used set of Pirelli Winters from P-9 classifieds. Not installed.

Bought new set of TPMS senders from internet vendor for above Winters ($200 ?). Went all winter with the GD dash light coming on.

Ken, this is a 987.1 CS. I've already done most of the serious mods I want on it. It's a fun track car, a decently comfy driver and tourer and passes emissions that doesn't scare the neighbors and is decently fun for me. Next big thing will likely be a Flat-6 motor re-do for longevity…Likely the 3.6L version... and maybe a re-spray someday.

Before that, I may work on the shifter, which is still stock. I'll keep this car until a deal on a 981 convinces me to change….so far, that hasn't happened.


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2006 Cayenne Turbo S

Fitted a sprint Booster mk2
Also had the secondary cats removed

To do list

Have the analogue tv upgraded to digital
New Alloys
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