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This is my first post here. In advance, I apologize for the lengthy note in below!

Having owned several air-cooled 911s, I decided to venture into a Cayman. I bought a 2007 S model in January. I drove it a couple of times (put about 300 km on it), and then stored it for the disastrous long winter we have had this year in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). During the 300 km trial rides, everything functioned flawlessly.

During the period of storage, about 10 days ago, I changed the rims from the stock to something different (but the same dia - 18"). The car was not driven; the original wheels were taken to tire shop; they took the tires off, but did not want to change the TPMS; so I took of the TPMS from each wheel and mounted on the new wheels, and they then mounted tires on the wheels.

Yesterday, I woke the Cayman up. First few yards of driving - bling bling! Lights lit one after another on the dash. It started with the TPC, then ABS failure, followed by the PSM failure, and toped up with an engine light! Now, that wasn't a good start of the season!

I read several threads on this issue, and did the following.

1. First, I realized I had to train the computer to accept the new wheels (despite the fact they were the same size, using the same tires!) The TCP light diapered after the training, but all others remained lit.

2. I charged the battery, also removed battery pole and re connected. Nothing changed.

3. Unbolted all four ABS sensors on the wheels to see if there was any broken or any visual evidence indicating something. No issues were detected. I drove the car - same lights came on.

4. I read the error code, which was P0503, which I believe refers to the speed sensor. I cleared the code, and drove again. The engine lights came back on.

What could be the possible issue? The car had no issue before storage, whatsoever. It appears it all started after I changed the wheels?!

BTW, I tried to test the ABS sensors; on my Mercedes and my wife’s Mazda, the ABS sensors exhibit a certain Ohm resistance; however, all four sensors in the Cayman read ZERO resistance!

Any hints for the resolution of the issue(s) would be gratefully appreciated.

BTW, is the speed sensor something different from the ABS sensors that is on each wheel?

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