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The Race Against the Clock | 48 hours to track prep a 4.0L GT3!

The Car- New client to us, 997.1 GT3, 4.0L engine build, 997.1 cup front splitter, 997.2 cup replica wing and decklid, BBS E88 wheels, OEM PASM suspension, and OEM interior.

The Mission- To complete requested track safety prep, suspension work, brake fluid flush, oil change, and tech inspection before the last track day of the year that our new client friend can attend. This level of work is typically no drama but due to several mishaps in shipping (at no fault to our vendors) we were left with only 48 hours(TOTAL HOURS, not shop hours!) to install the following.

• DAS Sport bolt-in roll bar, prepped, primed, and painted to Speed Yellow.
• Racetech RT4009WHR seats with Stealth option.
• Racetech Magnum 6-point HANS-compatible harnesses in Yellow(we got the last pair in the country!).
• DSC Sport active suspension controller and DSC Sport 3-axis accelerometer.
• Tractive DDA RT coilovers with custom spring rates. To pair with the car’s aero package while maintaining supple and refined street ride, we selected 90/143N-mm (504/800 in-lb) springs. (In order to meet the timeline we had to deviate from the blue Swift springs).
• TPC Racing Pro Race 29/24.5mm adjustable sway bars and race links. (w/ optional rubber rod end boots).
• Street/track alignment with corner balancing.
• Brake fluid flush with Castrol SRF and oil change with Mobil 1 synthetic.

With the full team on deck, working in the same way we would the night before the championship race, we met the timeline and with a few minutes to spare to take some photos.

Speed Yellow roll bar is ready to install!

Stealth seat for the stealth machine!

The Outcome-Our client friend came in the afternoon before the track event, we adjusted to his driving position and the harnesses to fit. Then we went on a road test with him all strapped and to see if any other adjustments were needed before he heads out to the track. He was thoroughly impressed by the first ride; comparing the DSC/Tractive to OEM PASM, his words were "how can it be so comfortable, and firm, and stable at the same time!!" As for the track, he had an absolute blast in his car knowing the safety prep is adequate for the usage and the suspension setup made him feel like a King!

At TPC Racing, our goal is to deliver exceptional service despite any and all unforeseen conditions. For anyone else wanting us to do this, well, we prefer to have more than 48 hours, but we can and will step up to the occasion.

You can find our products below linked to our website that were used on this GT3!

TPC Racing Pro Race Sway Bars

DSC Sport Controller

Tractive RT Damper Package

For more information please visit our websites and and for further questions or inquiries for service, track prep, or of the full package contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone (410)-799-7223.
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