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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I've given some thought to all of the things that we at Polk can be thankful for...

10. Our Heritage. My great grandfather founded Polk in 1870. In 1921, my Grandfather ushered in Polk's entrance into the automotive industry. And we haven't looked back.

9. The state of Michigan. Sure times are tough here in Michigan, but there's something about the people and the work ethic in Michigan that keeps us all working hard everyday. This is the Motor City and for a company solely focused on automotive, this is the only place for Polk.

8. Our Longevity. I'm proud to be part of something this long-standing. Not many companies have been around for 139 years. The first gas-powered car arrived in 1896—26 years after Polk was founded. We were here long before the car, and long before the computer and the internet.

7. The evolving nature of our business. The great thing about the automotive business is that it continually drives forward.

6. The Automobile. What is it about cars that drives us crazy? Is it the speed? The styling? The sensibility? For me, I just like cars. I like driving them, looking at them and counting them.

5. Our Data. We pride ourselves on being the gold standard of automotive data. However, more than the data, it's our passion for analysis and uncovering high-value insights to help our clients make more informed and more confident decisions.

4. The Internet. It's hard to imagine how any of us accomplished anything in the days before computers, let alone the worldwide web. The impact on commerce and information distribution has been astounding. We've come a long way from radio as our major source of news and information.

3. Our Solutions. It's great to help people solve problems. We help our customers get results and that is something to be thankful for!

2. Our People. Remember picking teams as a kid? Sometimes you didn't get everyone you wanted on your team. At Polk, that’s not the case. We have some of the most knowledgeable people in the automotive industry. And they are all dedicated to making our customers jobs easier. And that leads us to...

1. Our Customers. Customers have always been and will always be our primary focus at Polk. Without them, we have no purpose. So at this time of reflection, I offer to our customers, from everyone at Polk, have a very happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season…and thanks!

Posted by Stephen Polk, Chairman/CEO, Polk (11.25.2009)

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