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I've held nothing back about my love of minivans, but in a time with global platforms and small cars I'm glad Toyota continues to invest in the minivan segment. New Sienna features that I found most thoughtful of the busy American family include:

  • 23" second row sliding seats. Translation - I can have the seat closer to the front row for when the baby needs his pacifier while underway or I can move the seat all the way back to let third row passengers in without taking my kid out of their car seat.
  • A stowable second row middle seat. Translation - I can have more cup holders and storage when there is only 2 kids in the back or another seat when friends want to come too.
  • The SE trim sits lower. Translation - It's easier to get everyone in and out.
Back in 2004 there were 22 minivan players in the U.S. market and the Toyota Sienna was the best selling minivan. Now in 2009, there are 9 players in the market and Honda has been leading sales of this dwindling segment since 2005 while Ford and GM have or are in the process of discontinuing their minivan models. Minivans are now known for being uncool and to many it's seen as a necessary evil. But the Sienna is offering a new sporty SE trim with sports tuned suspension, 19-inch wheels and a bolder design. Maybe now my husband might consider driving one... I doubt it. How about you?

Posted by Margaret Zewatsky, Global Market Analyst, Polk (12.4.2009)

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