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This PDK Boxster Spyder came to us with the owner wanting over 500 reliable wheel horsepower with a turbo kit. Not a problem for us here at TPC Racing. The car has had a TPC Racing Stage 2 Turbo Kit installed for a few years now, but the owner simply wanted more power. We started with our TPC Racing Blitzkrieg 987.2 engine build. The engine build consists of tearing down the engine, shipping the block out to have nikasil-coated cylinder lines put in, a set of custom built JE forged pistons to TPC Racing specs, nitrided ductile iron piston ring set, valve job and precision ground heads. The rest of the internals are factory Porsche parts.

Next comes the install of the TPC Racing Stage 3 Turbo Kit. With the high demand to run more boost, we are able to lower the compression ratio to 10:1 which help us run a reliable 10psi of boost! We used a GReddy ball bearing turbo, additional PDK oil cooler, upgraded engine oil cooling and the compressor bypass valve. This makes for the ultimate 987.2! The car makes reliable repeatable horsepower and gives you a car that is beyond exciting to drive! The car pulls so hard that it immediately sucks you to the back of the seat before reaching full throttle.

With all of this amazing power and torque, this monster ignites the rear tires in 3rd and 4th gear! With all of this, we needed to be able to put the power down and make it usable so now comes the TPC Racing Stage 1 Suspension Kit. This kit consists of our TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Sway Bars. This setup plus a TPC Racing alignment helps with putting down power and driving the car up into the corner and being able to put all of this insane power and torque down even sooner coming off of the corner! By adding this suspension upgrade, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to ride quality which is a huge benefit as this car is 90% street driven and 10% track driven. This is now the ultimate GT car killer!

Custom forged JE Pistons

Custom filing piston rings the old craftsman way

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