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***Introducing TPC Racing GT3 Cup Exhaust Conversion Kit for GT4! (BOLT-ON)***

For GT4 owners wanting OEM GT3/Cup ominous scream and fury at WOT while maintaining civilized sound control on the fly, we are proud to offer a fully developed and dyno tested bolt-on conversion kit!

TPC Racing has been spending vast amounts of time in-house engineering and dyno testing our new Cat-back/header-back conversion kit for the GT4. We created this product for Power / Torque and ATTITUDE! The OEM Valve design allows for active sport exhaust control for sound flexibility. Additional benefit is weight savings of 7 lbs when using OEM GT3 steel muffler.

Disclaimer: The muffler assembly shown in the photo is not included, it is shown for the purpose of giving reference to the conversion kit

Folks, we know you are on the edge of your seat for dyno results, so here it is! Stock GT4 vs. same GT4 with this conversion kit and TPC Racing Stage 2 custom Cobb Accessport tune. Our GT4 now puts out north of 363 HORSEPOWER and ~ 300 ft/lb torque at the wheels across the entire powerband (not just at the peak).

TPC Racing Exhaust Conversion Kit is priced at $5,195.00. This kit includes:

  • In-house made aircraft mandrel-bend corner pipes with sound active valves
  • CNC machined exhaust-to-transmission bracket
  • Stainless steel band clamps and hardware
  • OEM GT3 Muffler (straps, side flanges and gaskets)
  • OEM GT3 exhaust tips OR TPC Racing Stainless Steel Tips

All stainless steel material is 100% USA and aircraft-certified from Woolf Aircraft Company, TIG Welded in-house at TPC Racing in Maryland, USA.

Video of the two sound modes with throttle blip

Ride on board and listen to the scream of our GT4 exhaust!!

Contact us for all your questions and inquiries about the new product at [email protected] (410)-799-7223.
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