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Track day standard Boxster vs GT4 and GT3

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I need more power

Ok I have R rated tires but they now look like this
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I'd say you did pretty well. Shows that the investment in the driver is more or as important as investment in power.
Thanks still think I need more power ?

Something extra fun doing it with the roof down
You need more tyres as well!
What were you using?
They were Nitto NT01's need to order my next set. Are they still the ducks nuts these days ?
The Bridgestone P71 scan be spec'd for Porsche, but they are not R-compound.
Thanks but I need R spec my street tyres are Goodyear f1
Sorry I got real lazy and just plugged in the GoPro on that track day
I did buy the external mic and probably should have run it
Tyres are 245/40/18 rear are 275/?/18 nitto NT01's wheels are victor wheels
Sorry tyres are stacked up in the garage makes it hard to read

Best thing I ever did buying them and I look forward to getting another set.
My wife and I both do the track day she goes out in the slow group and me in the fast group so the car run all day long. This also enable us to take 2 cars to the track so I put these in the back of my TRD Hilux and swap them over at the track so no road driving on them.
Lemans Porsche Wheels by Victor Equipment

Wheels are a bit heavy but they do the job and they are cheap

I think from memory the tears are also 40's

Hope this helps
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Thanks for the reply. Do you have any issues with stock PSM & ABS with those tires? (The diameters are around ~2.5% smaller to stock)
No issues at all as my research showed as long as all 4 wheels are equal there wasn't a problem.

I have done a bunch of track days check out my YouTube page and no problem at all
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re opening an old thread Got more power
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