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Track Ready 3.8L Modified 2007 Cayman S

2007 Cayman S, 6-speed manual with significant modifications and only 52,000 miles. The car has been set up for track and I have been driving it at various west coast tracks for over 7 years. Two sets of wheels and tires, complete track suspension, engine rebuilt, bored out to 3.8 Liters, and fully race-prepped by Vision Motorsports in Los Angeles, CA. Dyno tested with over 45HP added over stock. Torque is 40-45 ft-lbs higher across full range of RPM.

Interior is perfect, suspension is in good shape, although several years old. Car is black on black, with full-car gloss green vinyl wrap. Paint underneath the vinyl is excellent (you can speak with the shop that did the vinyl work). Most people have no idea the car in wrapped in vinyl, even a few Porsche dealer employees have asked if this was a paint-to-sample car. The wrap has help up nicely, but exhibits a few small chips, tears, and scratches in small, discreet spots.

The car has over $10,000 in suspension upgrades, $2,000 in extra wheels, a $30,000 engine and clutch upgrade, $3,000 in brake upgrades, and a $4,000 Avery Gloss Grass Green vinyl wrap by Vinyl Styles in San Carlos, CA. You could go buy a stock Cayman S for $24K and then spend over $40,000 to get to this level of performance and dependability, or, you can buy this one for just $45,900. Here is a list of some of the upgrades, but not all:

* TPC Racing "stage 4" suspension with JRZ adjustable coilers
* Eibach ERS Racing Springs with dividers
* TPC Pro Race drop links,
* TPC Pro Race toe Links
* TPC Pro Race adjustable sway bars
* GT3 control arms
* Quaife Limited Slip Differential
* Stock wheels: 18", tires are 265/40/18 in rear, 235/40/18 in front
* Extra track wheels: 18" Fiske Profil 10's (powder coated black)
-Toyo R888 tires 275/35/18 in rear and 255/35/18 in front.
* Girodisc oversized brake rotors 340MM front and 325MM rear
* Pagid RS29 and RS19 racing brake pads (Motul 600 brake fluid in the system)
* Fresh engine: Bored out to 3.8L, upgraded crank with race-oriented oiling modifications, timing chain rails, chain pads, main and rod bearings, thermostat, water pump, L&N IMS bearing, underdrive belt and pulley, chrome moly cylinders, J&E custom forged pistons and rings. Modified oiling for crankshaft and oil pumps, hi performance valve job, Motorsport AOS with oil pick up, Deep Sump kit with windage tray (adds 2 qts oil capacity).
* IPD plenum and large throttle body, custom tune
* Third radiator, dual row alum w/new hoses, center tip radiator and air duct
* New Power Steering Pump
* Tubi Sport Exhaust, dealer installed
* 987 Performance clutch kit new disc and pressure plate H/D for performance track use
* 987 Lightweight Aluminum flywheel
* Dyno tested 305 HP at the wheels (approx. 345 at the crank). Higher torque (45 lb-ft) at all levels, particularly at lower RPM (see dyno test where new HP and torque curves are in blue, stock curves in red).

Watch some of the track videos included to see how it frustrates GT3s, Vipers, Ferraris, 997s, Miatas, Mustangs and Camaros.

The car is stored in a climate-controlled garage. Registered in California. Clean Title in hand.

Here are video links to hear the car's exhaust and to experience the car running track events at Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and Thunderhill.

Exhaust sound:

Drive-by on street:

Track lap videos:

List Date: 11/16/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Track Ready 3.8L Modified 2007 Cayman S
This item is no longer available.


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