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I made a video of my car in track, one with the hood down, one with the hood up. I was using worn Michelin 27/68/18 rear and worn Matador 24/64/18, which was a bad choice as Matador were a lot harder and I did not have good grip in front. Still the car posed very good lap in this small track, I was faster 4,5sec from a 997 Gt3 using Michelin Cup. I set a lap time of 1.04,6sec, the Gt3 1.08.9, Caterhams with 200ps made it at 1.05.3 and 1.05.8 (it is a very tight track if you can see). This track has been run by Ford Escort WRC car in 1.02.8 - 1.03.2, I believe next time when I use new Michelin slicks, I will be close.
One video is with the roof up, one with roof down, so that you can hear better the noise.

YouTube - Porsche Boxster S 987 3.8 X51 TTP 400ps

YouTube - Porsche Boxster S 987 3.8 X51 TTP 400ps - cabrio
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