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I've put 20+ track days on a 987.2 with 90K and did have a PDK failure (shift rod distance sensor, common problem). That said, It was the heat that killed it, not the mileage. The 981's have better cooling on the PDK, so less likely. This year I went back to a 981 with 125K miles. I've put 9 track days on it. So far the only problems were failed coil packs. I'd recommend you replace them all if they have not been previously replaced. In fact, plugs, coils, and all fluids, filters, etc would be in order before taking it to the track. If you're not doing engine oil analysis, I'd recommend you send a sample before track services and then monitor at each oil change. If you see increases in metals in the oils, you will know a problem is coming.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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