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I have looked around for some time, and can't really seem to find a straight answer to this question:

How does one tune a modern (7.2 or 7.8 DME) Porsche ROM image? For example, on my Pontiac GTP I use a small box, software on laptop, and OBDII cable to read, write, and real-time log basically everything on my car. I can adjust everything from "timing vs. cylinder volume vs. rpm" to at what throttle percentage my air conditioning turns off.

Is there a platform like this for our Porsche vehicles? Obviously, there are companies offering dyno'ed tunes and out-of-the-box tunes, so the DME must have been cracked.

Where would one go about finding more information on getting one of these packages? I am decently experienced in this type of tuning, and would prefer to be able to work on my own custom flashes. I am currently putting a VarioCam Plus 3.4L into my 986 Boxster and I would love to be able to dial my MAF in exactly to my hybrid intake, etc.

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