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Well, I know it is a large onging cost for most owners, and thought it would be useful for us to share a little information for us to help get the best deals.

What I propose is a bit of info sharing, with members giving as mush info as possible, such as Insures name, and telephone/web address, drivers age, number of years no claims and location (rough, obviously don't post your address and postcode!), value of vehicle, and any extras included in policy, and of course the quote.

So, I'll start:

Performance Marques

0121 248 0911

Age 34 (plus wife 38)

Full No-claims (8 years)(wife has 2 claims in past 18 months)

Protected Premium

Driveway Parking

Area Chelford, Cheshire

£48,000 Cayman S

Free trackday cover at Porsche Club GB track days. Free PCGB anual membership.

Quote £1120



P.S. Please note, I will be editing this thread to keep it On-Topic and clean for just Insurance Info, not opinion. Nothing personal if I delete your post. Please start another thread if there is another linked topic you feel like discussing and avoid use of this sticky thread. Thanks.

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Hey Jack:

My details as follows:
1) Porsche Cayman S registered Oct 2006 (£54000)
2) 33yrs age (optometrist)+ wife 34yrs age (optometrist)+ dad 66yrs age (retired)
3) Living in Hertord, Herts.
4) Admiral multicar policy
5) Premium of £692
6) Not sure about trackday cover (may include one day free?)



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I think they saw me coming!

Cayman S
Jan 06 Car
£52 K new
8 years protected no claims
1 bump in last 3 years
Me 33yrs property developer
Girlsfriend 35 Accountant.
Dad 59
Kept on the drive in Halifax, west yorks.



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Hmmm, almost embarrassed to tell you what I pay having read some of the above.

Self and wife, both 53. She works, I'm semi retired.
Cayman 2.7, value £37k.
Garaged. Low risk postcode area.
Fully comp, max NCB, both have clean licences.

I was with Direct Line, (for a 964 Carrera 2 no less!) but fell out with them as they wanted me to fit a Tracker, which I refused to do on religious grounds. (explanation ... it is against every Scotsman's religion to be forced into spending money he doesn't want to spend!) I used to get a range of quotes, which varied wildly, but one company was way cheaper and no silly hassles about trackers.

Saga Insurance - £277 pa.

(since raised to £295 to cover travel to work for my wife)

Being an old git has some advantages


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Not actually received the car as yet, but have been doing quite a bit of investigation and the best quote I found is currently with directline (but, as John H says, I would have to get the tracker).

I am 29, Technical Architect, 10 years no claims, no bumps, no convictions etc, kept in South East London in a garage and was quoted £802 (although this will effectively be £978 with the tracker costs incorporated). Going to keep looking to see if I can get a better deal.


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Cayman S
Self & wife (both 49) for Class A business use
Rurual location in Peak District
£550 from Norwich Union
Zero no claims (came from company car) but they did give me a 70% intro discount, plus another 10% as I have another car insured with them.



PS they didn't require a tracker either (I'm not sure I'd want my car back after it's been nicked by some scroat.!!)

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Just to give you guys some perspective on the other side of the pond. (California)

Complete coverage
$250 deductable
No Claims
Good driver rate
1 ticket in last 3 years (in a parking lot) not in the CS
multi car discount

$1400 a year for the CS

My first car was a 1968 Cooper S Mkll

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This whole Tracker nonsense is another in a long line of insurance company scams (IMHO). If the car gets nicked, I want money, not the car back, so the device is of most benefit to the insurer. The Porsche system costs over a grand, or about half that if you get an aftermarket system. This however means entrusting your pride and joy to some back street monkey, armed with a pair of pliers, a packet of Scotchlok connectors and a roll of insulating tape. On a car with fibre optics, more computer systems that the NASA moon lander, and worth anything up to £50K?

I think not!

In the last 3 or 4 cars I have owned, the ONLY unreliablity I have experienced has been to do with aftermarket alarms and immobilisers. I have been locked out of one car, another that would not start, and other random misbehaviour. In may last two Porsches I have paid someone to remove these blasted things. I was absolutely certain that no one was dictating to me that I waste money on something I did not want, AND compromise the most expensive single object (house aside) that I have ever bought. I'd bet a weeks wages that the insurance companies have shares in the firms that make these useless systems.


:mad: :mad: :mad:

Useless? ... absolutely. To steal an expensive car with a tracker, all you need is a lorry and a shipping container. Steal the car, drive it into a steel container, which renders the tracker useless due a well known phenomenon known as a Faraday Cage, hoist it on to a lorry and drive off. :eek:

Agreed - trackers are awful, if my car is ever to be stolen and driven around by some chump i don't want it back. I managed to find an insurer who would provide cover without a tracker - Bell (a subsidiary or admiral), here are my details.

Me (Accountant) 27 - My mother (housewife) 50
Cayman S - £54k
3 years NCB
Parked on a driveway in london

Premium - £1480.

Although this includes a £1k excess. Also found that for someone of my age, putting your mother on the insurance (even though she's never likely to drive it) reduces the premium by around £600 - £700.

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34 with full NCB
£48K value new
driveway parking
business use with 18000 miles/year estimate
£924 protected NCB (with parents onboard which lowered the cost)
No tracker required
North West postcode that probably isn't as good as I'd like it to be :D
£250 excess I think

Done through Admiral via search engine

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Company Director
9 yrs NCB
£52K CS
Parked on street in SW London

Best quote £654.15 (tracker needed) - Privelege

BUT this quote only covers the basic car - no extras - watch out for this. With extras included premium increases to £1011.15 with £750 excess. Also they don't guarentee Porsche repairs or courtesy car. And no protected NCB.

So, Zurich was next best - with protected NCB, unlimited miles, Porsche repairs & glass, and a half decent courtesy car. £1245.41 (excess £750) And they offer 0% interest on repayments over 12 months which helps the blow.

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52 years old, partner under 50
old computer geek !!
car on drive (Boxster in garage !), rural Somerset
15K miles per year
full (20+ years) no claim
No endorsements
37K car
No tracker etc

£464 from Norwich Union.

I went for GAP replacement value from Surf and Protect at £360 rather than spending the money om a tracker + subscription. Porsches GAP insurance was way to expensive !!

John, you had a good quote from Saga, they quoted me over £600 !!


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Renew my insurance today!!! Cheapest from confused

Car Cayman S value £40000
5000 miles a year
Address LIVERPOOL!!!!!!

Myself 34
protect no claims
1 crash
no points

Girlfriend 24
Jobless!!! HA
full no claim but 9 point on her licence!!!!!!:crazy:

£850 excess

£1200 not bad!!!!

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ME: 31 yrs
CS: £ 52,500. / NO tracker
Harlow, Essex
GB dr. licence 1 yr.
No claims 1 yr.

First point: £ 1450 (brokered with Norwich Union), with 500 excess.

Whichever insurer; make sure they cover for repairs at Porsche, and not some cheap roadside garage.

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I'd recommend a call to A Plan when renewing insurance. They are fairly consistent on offering good policies at a decent price.

BEWARE of cheaper insurers such as elephant, sainsbury, tesco etc as they only cover the base car not any factory fitted options. Mention your sports seats or 19" wheels when getting a quote and the premium will go up.

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44yo female (if that's a factor) doctor, second driver me at 45
car left in yard (although usually garaged)
Channel Islands (low crime area whatever Bergerac may lead you to believe)
no limit to mileage
full (20+ years) protected no claims
No endorsements (you don't get them in the Channel Islands)
Cayman S at £47k (no VAT but includes £2.5k car tax)

£557 with £400 excess (which less than the 3yo V6 Audi TT it's replacing)
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