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As I was reading my colleague Mark Pauze's piece on Asian Americans and the U.S Auto Market, the table which listed the Asian OEMs, got my attention. It seemed the Asian Americans were heavily into Asian makes. But how do they compare with the rest of the population?

So I used PolkInsight to pull some numbers:
The average distribution of new registrations in the U.S. is something like 50% Asian, 40% Domestic, and 10% European makes. Both African American households, and Eastern/Western European households in the U.S. fall in line with that average.

The second group based on the percentage distribution, which includes Eurasians, Hispanic, and Pacific Islanders had an average distribution of 60% Asian, 25% Domestic, and 15% European makes.

Finally, the Asians lead a group of their own with 75% Asian, 10% Domestic, and 15% European makes. The interesting part isn't only that Asian Americans buy overwhelmingly Asian makes, but that they are the only group along with Middle Eastern American households where Domestic makes gets the 3rd place in purchase preference.

What does this all mean?

  • A dealer candidate may want to think twice before opening a Ford or GM dealer in a prominently Asian American neighborhood
  • In terms of lead management, a lead coming to an Asian OEM from an Asian American household might have to be scored a lot higher than any other ethnicity in terms of possibility of a sale
Interesting stuff!

*Data Source: PolkInsight, new retail registrations CYTD August 2009
Percentages are generously rounded and approximate

Posted by Cenk Hepaktan, Global Product Strategist, Polk (11.13.2009)

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