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Hi all,
I have now had a few good days on track and am very impressed with our Cayman GTS. Some of you may have seen the improvement thread where Lemon from Schnell did some upgrades to our GTS:
Again let me start by saying Lemon has been very helpful and supportive for the many questions I have had for him and I now make a point of stopping by and pestering him when ever I am near his shop. One of these times I may just time it right with one of his photo shoots with the pretty models he uses. :dance:

Anyway, the Rotora brakes are fantastic. No drama and they are wearing incredibly well with no change of pads between track and street use -No squeaking and minimal brake dust. The GTS stays stable and flat with little body roll or front end dive. Ride is great and for us the PASM works perfect in combination with the upgraded sway bars. What is really nice is it functions so well as a very capable track car and such a great cruiser. Even though this was not intended to be a DD, my wife regularly takes my Mom shopping to Costco and they load the thing up with more stuff than I can ever imagine would fit. :rolleyes: Great car!
Here is a little video of this last weekend with the PCA group. I finally remembered to throw the Go Pro on but since it is mounted outside you cannot hear the wonderful exhaust sound the GTS makes. This is the new Hunt B configuration at Spring Mountain.
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