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Year: 2014

Model: Cayman

VIN: WP0AA2A84EK172318

Title: FL - Cert. of Destruction

History: Unknown

Relationship OP to Car: No relationship, found listing on copart.

Damage: The car appears to have been driven onto a high curb or similar object at a high rate of speed. The exterior looks normal, but there is significant damage to the undercarriage and failed frame welds. The impact was strong enough to cause the car to deploy both door airbags. No frontal airbags deployed. The Cert. of Destruction title limits this car, it will be very difficult to have a new title issued from any state --> if successfully repaired, it still will not be road legal.

27945665_02X.JPG 27945665_05X.JPG 27945665_18X.JPG 27945665_16X.JPG 27945665_19X.JPG
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