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O-boy where do I start??

Well anyhow Neil of NR auto who was the owner at the time came to our shop sometime back to bring a set of wheels he had so we could refinish them. No problem, he then saw a TechArt wing that we had just laying around and asked if he could borrow it and return it to us in 2-months, I'm guessing they wanted to do some R&D however now I know it was to make illegal copies.

Fast Forward (over a year later) to all of Neil's excuses of why he couldn't bring it back, this went on for a while, our suspicions grew as to why it was so hard to just drop our wing off and be done (and pick up your wheels).

Finally last week I was able to speak to Neil who now claims to only be an employee of NR saying that he sold the business. I tell him I'm just going to send someone to come pick up our wing and if he wanted his wheels he can pick those up as well but we were not dropping them off since that wasn't the deal to begin with.

We agreed to do this, have carrier drop off the wing, and we give the carrier his wheels, we also collect from him the discounted price for service to his wheels and we even pay $50 to transport our wing back, so loaning him our TechArt wing now cost us...


Upon deliver the wing was boxed up and wrapped in bubble wrap and so we made no attempt to open it up completely while we loaded up the wheels to the driver, however upon closer inspection later we noticed that NR AUTO gave us a FAKE REPLICA of an ORIGINAL TECHART wing we loaned them, not painted gloss white the way we had loaned to them but now a raw fiber-glass copy.

We call Neil and ask that he find our wing and return it or pay for it, he proceeds to tell us that since they had it so long they could do nothing for us and that the quality of his fake copies are just as good etc. I explain to him that it's the same as though he brought me a set of HRE wheels and I give him a fake copy back and unfinished...

I'm putting this out here for two reasons,

1. to warn those who are thinking of purchasing, know who you are dealing with, if they will scam a vendor to vendor transaction then a vendor to retailer will probably be more probable.

2. to ask for your assistance, we need to locate others who may have had any bad dealings with them since we may need to take them to court to resolve this matter.

If anyone has contact names of those in charge of this place now, please provide here or PM this information, it would help in getting back what we are due even if it means having our day in court which is highly probably at this point.


Looks like they tried peddling their products on Rennlist without sponsorship some time back:

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle door Door handle Auto part

Vehicle Wheel Car

Text Font Cement Concrete Number

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Trunk Compact car

Bumper Font Cutting tool Rim Hardware accessory

Automotive exterior Fender Metal
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