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OK, I am tired of lousy gas mileage & turbo lag. There are times when I want a little more umph. But I am conflicted. I have been planning to keep this CPO 2005 CT stock because I don't think we are going see such powerful vehicles in the future. Stock Porsches appeal to me more and hold more of their value over time. Of course, if Porsche gets a pass because it's now part of VW, we can rest more comfortably knowing we won't be scrambling to find the current breed eschewing some politically correct carbonless toothless emasculated . . . of the future.

So, I have been looking around and taking my time in R&D but I am itching to get a little more out of my CT. I might someday just put those conservative plans aside and take the EVOMS GT700 leap. But for now, I want bolt-on parts that increase the CT and perhaps lead to something of a full EVOMS GT700 kit. However, we are limited up here to only 90 octane premium and NAV gas. Therefore, even with the full EVOMS kit, it will not make 650 HP.

The EVOMS air intake seems a no brainer and a great place to start. Besides, it will allow me to use additional filtering when the volcanos errupt. ;) Of course, I'd prefer not to drive then but if I am stuck 200 miles from home, I need to be able to drive and minimize damage to engine internals.

However, there are some things I do not want. I am not interested in any cosmetic mods or badges. If anything, I prefer the sleeper look of driving a soccer mom's car. I already have three sets of wheels, all OEM. I don't want overly loud. The stock sound is fine. It appears the Secondary Cat by-pass might be enough. But, who's? Which Cat By-pass pipes are best?

I would consider replacing the primary Cats but keep the stock muffler. Which Cats can one choose from? Which are best? And if you can show me a better exhaust for power, I might be talked into it.

Moreover, the full EVOMS GT 650/700 kit appears to lack some handy parts, like the IPD Plenum. Or does it negate the need for the IPD plenum?

Reducing turbo lag is a must, but I don't want to reduce the amount of throttle range and I fear the Sprint device may do just that. I want this to behave gently when my parents are at the wheel and when launching our boat.

Are there other things to consider, like an under pulley mod?

Any ideas on improving on what EVOMS offers in their kit shall be appreciated! :thanks: It is quite a kit but I am sure one can improve & Mod even it.

Because I need to use 18" tires often, I will not get larger brakes. Might there be some steel brake lines that might make the brakes more responsive and protected?

However, I must concede that it makes little sense to go so far. That money might be better spent on a CPO C4S or a Panamera Turbo or another Cayenne. The roads & weather up here are so hard on cars that it's hard to think of putting anything that rides low on our roads, especially with all the trucks. Our road chemicals (including calcium) just grunge up my CT. It reminds me of powdered concrete; sticky, chaulky, gray colored. Damned Hard to Remove! :(

While most folks write about lowering their Cayennes, "Terrain Mode" feels just about right for driving in Anchorage. It places me at the same level as most of the vehicles on our roads. A CT with the Advanced Off Road Package is the best vehicle for Alaska. Porsche did an eXcellent job in designing the CT. Everything is useful, everything feels right--except the turbo lag and its range. I'd like to get a few MPG; it makes a difference on long trips.


Thank you in Advance,
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