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Now that
the Cayman has been available for a few years, previously owned and leased cars
are available in the used car marketplace. When considering the purchase of a
pre-owned Cayman, the best insurance available is to have the car inspected by a
competent, professional Porsche technician (i.e., a Pre-Purchase Inspection or
PPI). A PPI will help the buyer avoid hidden damage or excessive deferred
maintenance. Porsche dealers will usually be the most familiar with recent model
cars like the Cayman and may be the best choice for performing a PPI.
Additionally, Porsche dealers have the proper diagnostic equipment, Porsche
Integrated Workshop Information System (PIWIS),
to view the vehicles recorded information and service records. Independents will
normally not have a PIWIS. Key items to ask for are ECU recorded engine
over-revs and Porsche provided maintenance. For obvious reasons the PPI may give
better confidence if done by someone other than the seller.

Like any other used car purchase, the buyer should request that the PPI cover
the basics such as steering, brakes, transmission, and clutch as well as
inspection of the engine compartment for any signs of fuel, oil or coolant
leaks. Particularly important with Caymans are parts that are considered to be
normal wear and tear items to be replaced at the owner’s expense such as the
battery, tires, brake rotors and brake pads. These should be evaluated for
remaining useful life to avoid unexpected expenses.

The buyer should also request that all factory recalls or Technical Service
Bulletins (TSBs) be up-to-date prior to the purchase. Also ensure that all
factory accessories and keys (including the wheel bolt security adapter) are included in the purchase.

The buyer should request that the seller provide a written disclosure of any
aftermarket parts or accessories that have been added to the car. Modifications
usually do not increase the value of the car unless the buyer views them as
important. Performance modifications may hurt future resale value in a Porsche
so it is important to understand any changes from stock that have been made
before finalizing the purchase. If routine service was provided by the owner or
through an independent mechanic the buyer should expect receipts and service
records that document such service.

Make sure to get a written copy of the inspection report, including the
estimated costs for any necessary repairs the vehicle needs. The buyer should
make sure that he is aware of the warranty time remaining as well as what is
covered under the warranty.

As in any other used car purchase the buyer should also perform his/her own
visual inspection and test drive the car while comparing the car to other
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