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We know, windshields aren't very exciting. But when the stone chips and scratches are on there, it's already too late. Then you are enrolled for your mandatory journey of windshield replacement.

If you have unfortunately joined the Cracked Windshield Club and seeking a replacement or never want to join the club, consider following the link below. We provided some helpful Porsche-specific information on:
-how to know when it's time for a windshield replacement
-how cracks/chips will get worse and worse over time
-windshield glass THEN vs. NOW
-how to protect your glass moving forward

Link to our blog post:
What you need to know about replacing your windshield.
Find your closest windshield protection film installer: Where to Buy ExoShield | ExoShield Installers

Any questions about our windshield protection film,we'll be quick to answer.


Where to find us:
Website: Windshield Protection Film | ExoShield
Instagram: ExoShield (@exo.shield) • Instagram photos and videos
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