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As for the fastest Porsche... this will depend on how you define fastest (faster to a certain speed, faster over a certain distance, fastest straight-line speed, fastest around a circuit... some other measure), and which cars you wish to include (while Porsche street cars seem an obvious given, does this include one-offs and limited production models, what about factory race cars... customer derived race cars like Kremers... third party manufacters that base their models on Porsches like Ruf or Dauer... etc).

If including all possible "Porsche" cars, you'll inevitably find that the fastest, in any measure will be one of the factory racers... hardly suprising as these were designed to do nothing more than go fast. The RS Spyder would be the likely fastest in time around a circuit and some other measures depending on the criteria - which makes sense as this is the newest car and has the benefit of the most knowledge. Though the older cars were generally made to less restrictive rules, which would make the 1500+hp 917/30 an obvious contender for many such measures despite it's age, and the 956/962 the other likely winner in any "fastest" contests.

The last is notable too as Porsche did produce what was essentially a one off street version of the 962, and this was also produced in slightly larger numbers as a street car by Dauer... with a top speed of over 250mph, a 0-60mph under 3 seconds, and both with aero trims similar to the '94 Le Mans car (ie, not as good as the early IMSA racers, but still more than most street cars), these would be the fastest street cars (and being turbo charged, they would also be the fastest turbos).

If you are looking at just current production based factory cars? The race car GT3 RSR would still be the fastest. If just street cars? The turbo charged GT2RS comes in fastest in pretty much any measure... going down to cut out the special RS cars? Then the regular GT2.

As for Turbos... see the above: the 917/30 is turbo charged. The 956/962 models are turbo charged. The GT2RS and GT2 are turbo charged.

The car that is most often referred to as the 911 Turbo is the older 930... a brutal car and one that was very fast for the time it was produced (first appeared in 1975 as a '76 Model Year car, and continued one and off production until 1989, when the 964 based 965 became the new Carrera Turbo for the 1990 Model Year). Any car this much older than a current car is not going to fare well in a performance comparision to the current model, which is the 997 based Carrera Turbo (it's much faster than the older car).
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