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Hi all,

I have spent some time reading old thread on cleaning wheels in the hopes of finding one dealing with my exact issue, but I can't seem to find one so here I am. :)

Please take a look at the image and help find identify the stain and what would work best at removing it. I apologize for the brake dust in the pic, as it comes off just's the coffee looking stain I can't remove.


I currently am using Porsche's branded wheel cleaner and let it sit the duration of washing my car followed by vigorous scrubbing (over many different car washes) no avail. So now I appeal to the experience of the board.

I have compiled a list of all the products mentioned in all the older posts I've read, but am hopeful someone here can help me short-circuit the buy-it/try-it process of iterating through multiple purchases.

Thanks in advance!
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