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So I'm thinking of retiring (mostly) my 981 SC from the track. I just love the car, and it's really served me well the last year... but the track tears up a nice car. And to go faster, I'll have to spend a lot of money to make changes that make my awesome street car... less street-able.

I've found a 1999 911/996 C2 manual. We plan to rebuild the motor, make a few changes and have a cool hot rod, street / track day car.

I think my 18" race wheels will fit, but they're 8"/9". I'm running NT-01s - 245/275 now. What's the biggest tires these wheels will take? Ideally, I'd like to go 255/295.

This is what the 911 should look like when we're done. And these are the race wheels I'm using now.

Black 911.png Race wheel Info.jpg
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