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2009 Cayman
20,000 miles
battery is one year old and is maintained on a Battery Tender

Sunday I was completing a 70 mile interstate drive. I took my exit and stopped at a red light. I accelerated normally when the light turned green. I moved forward, and after about 5 seconds the transmission cut out. I coasted to a stop with no transmission response. I noticed the warning light, and luckily I was immobilized in a lane that allowed traffic to pass me on both sides. I was about 4 miles from my home and was about to enter a tunnel. This would have been much worse if it had happened in the tunnel or on the major bridge I had crossed. I realized I would need a tow and called GEICO (by the way they will not pay for the driver to return you to your home if they tow the vehicle somewhere else). Getting the logistics of all this worked out on a Sunday was going to be a mess, and it was getting dark. I had to turn off and leave the vehicle to identify a cross street because GEICO could not find me in their GPS system. When I restarted the vehicle the light disappeared and the transmission functioned normally. I have run a diagnostic scan, and the relevant codes are attached as is some technical information from Porsche I have found. I have put the transmission in reverse and drive several times in my driveway over the past couple of days and everything appears normal. I cleared the codes and they have not reoccurred so far. Be warned this is a failure that occurs suddenly and without warning and could possibly leave you stranded and in danger depending on when and where it occurs and if the restart does not immediately help with the failure. My priority for a vehicle is it not leave me stranded. I will probably be selling my Porsche when the market improves. Any thoughts?


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