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Porsche is timeless. they've made premium cars for many years just like Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin Bugatti and others. their iconic 911 is among the last cars to have a rear engine setup. this gives the cars a unique driving dynamic. it allows for massive straight line acceleration. They've been on the forefront of engine size and power efficiency for many years. their cars are lightweight and designed for true drivers. though some of their specs might not be competitive with other sports cars. Porsche's are great at getting feelings out of the driver. by rewarding skill, a keen driver will get amazing performance out a Porsche that not everyone would be able to easily match.
They are also pioneers of technology. even from long ago, cars like the 959 were amazing pieces of engineering way beyond their time. the carrera GT and current 918 Spyder are the same.

Recently Porsche has also gotten into the luxury segment with the Panamera, Cayenne and Macan.

in my opinion though, what makes porsche great is not what you can see on paper. porsche is a brand for drivers and driving. they make people feel amazing. it is why you can see porsche enthusiasts in numbers that not even Ferrari or Lamborghini can muster. when you see a porsche you know exactly what it is, yet you know that each generation is unique. their magic is in turning grown men into little kids drooling over candy. not many car companies can do that.
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