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Just dropping some knowledge for you guys on why KW V3 Rule the tracks around the world now. I will try not to make this a long read.

The new Variant 3 is state-of-the-art technology for the skilled and experienced driver. The separate and independent compression and rebound damping options allow a truly individual driving set-up. These unique systems with the 3 individually adjustable components, allows for adjustment of the compression of the damper in the low-speed range, while the highspeed set-up, so decisive for driving comfort, has been preset by our engineers.

So what does the mean for you?

Independently adjustable damping technology -rebound and compression damping
inox-line stainless steel technology at no extra charge
Individual height adjustment
German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters
High-quality components for long life
Comprehensive documentation for ease of use
Infinitely adjustable rebound damping
14- level adjustable compression damping
Unique, independently functioning damping power adjustment
Fits: 987 Boxster including S, Cayman including S

Lowering Adjustment ranges in mm, Front: 30-55 Rear: 20-40
Lowering Adjustment ranges in inches, Front: 1.2-2.1 Rear: 0.8-1.5
Springrates in Lbs/Inch, Front: 230 Rear: 400

1.Rebound adjustment included in the piston rod for protection of the valve technology

2.Piston rod steering- and sealing kit

3.Valve technology traction stage

4.Valve technology compression stage

There modular sealing system surpasses the usual OEM standards.
It can be easily opened due to its aluminium bolting and therefore allows a later, custom-made adjustment of the valve technology or the deviation ratio.

1.Bolting made of high-strength aluminium

2.Self-greasing NBR seal

3.Clamp-/sliding sleeve

4.O-ring made of temperature-resistant viton

5.Guide bushing with ventilation holes

6.Especially coated DU sliding bushing

7.Rebound pods
Valve technology traction stage

Oil flow during closed traction stage

Bypass duct in the traction stage adjustment is closed
Declining increase of the characteristic line and the maximally possible traction damping is achieved
The damping is carried out by the setup-specific preset spring valve at the piston.

A sporty and tense adjustment of the traction stage prevents rolling and pitching while braking and accelerating.

Oil flow during open traction stage

Bypass duct in the traction stage adjustment is open
Progressive increase of the characteristic line and the minimally possible traction damping is achieved
The bypass oil amount (black arrow) is not available anymore for the spring valve at the piston and the damping forces are therefore reduced.
A lower rebound damping improves the driving comfort.

More to come

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