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Hello all,
New to this and appreciate all your help and advice
I have a 02 Boxster, 110 k miles on it and absolutely flawless. Never seen a raindrop and runs drives and looks new
Today I took the wife for a ride and noticed that the passenger window drop was not working. Also noticed that when the handle is operated and the door opened the interior lights are not coming on either ( don’t know if that’s a factor in diagnosis)
The windows both drop halfway down when the roof is being dropped or operated and both windows work correctly when the buttons are pressed
I can hear the microswitch clicking as it should when I operate both inside and outside handles.

Ok so 2 AM and because I’m neurotic I decided to start taking the door apart just to rule out the stretch cable and have a look
I found that when I wiggle or even touch the door lock mechanism the window drops
Even with the micro switches unplugged if I even touch the door lock mechanism ( basically touching the larger plug on the bottom the window drop function works

So is it safe to say the door lock mechanism is malfunctioning?
And do I go for a VW replacement? Or used ? Or am I totally wrong about this ?
Thank you in advance
Joe Serpico
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