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I just purchased a used 06 Cayman S. Love the car - except for two small problems. Drivers side window not going back up after the door is closed and cup holders issues. Read the forums and saw that everyone has issues with the cup holders so I won't bother with that here.

What I am hopeful someone can help with is the window issue. As we all know - open the door, window goes down just a bit and should go back up when it is closed. Mine does not.

I am hopeful it is just some sort of 'reset' issue that someone may know how to resolve. I do not want to go to the dealer for this (no warranty :(). On my G35x if you push the button all the way down and then all the way up and hold for 10 secs it resets the window. I am hopful that the Cayman is similar - i tried it but no luck - any suggestions??


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I believe this is the procedure Cantrax was referring to (from 2006 O.M.):

"Storing end position of the windows

If the battery is disconnected and reconnected,
the windows will not be raised automatically when
the door is closed.
1. Close the windows with the rocker switch
2. Press front half of rocker switch again to store
the end position of the windows in the control unit."
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