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by: K-Man S

Description: On my recent cross country trips I had noticed that my wipers were having a tougher time cleaning off the windshield and were leaving a number of streaks. As far as I knew I still had the factory original blades so I figured it was time to change them. I decided to just purchase the factory blade refills from one of our sponsors as opposed to some discount automotive store's suggested replacement. So while mine cost around $50, yes you can probably find them for less. I tend not to scrimp on items I consider safety items and didn't want any headaches from "generic" blade refills coming loose, etc.Here is a picture of the part numbers on the outside of the box I picked up from Porsche:
The first step is to remove the existing blades, but before you do, be sure and compare your new ones to your old ones and account for which direction the existing blades are curved so you can match that by installing the new ones. Lift the arm upright and turn the blade around so that it faces upwards as shown in this photo:
To remove the blade you want to pinch together the plastic retainer clip as shown in this photo:
This will allow you to slide the clip out of the wiper arm and remove the wiper blade assembly from the arm.
The next part is perhaps the trickiest part of the install but it is by no means difficult. You will need to slide the wiper blade off the arm but to do so the arm has to go through an opening in the wiper blade right next to where the blade and arm were previously attached. It is a bit of a tight fit, you might have to wiggle it a little, but it should slide through as shown in this next photo:
This will allow the blade to clear the arm and you are now ready to install the new blade.
Simply repeat the process in reverse to install the new blade onto the arm, making sure that the blade is facing the same direction as the old blade, otherwise your blades will not work as designed because there are little air spoilers on them designed to keep them on the windshield and they only curve one way for proper operation.
In this next photo you can see I have lined up the new blade in the proper position before removing the old blade to make sure I don't get it wrong. :)Once you have installed both, test your wipers and washers and make sure everything is functioning as it should be and enjoy the new cleaner, clearer windshield that your new wiper blades will provide.

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