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Does anyone have the wiring diagram (+ and Ground) for the CHMSL on a 981 Cayman. Thanks to anyone that can help.
I want to install a flashing module for the CHMSL Center High Mounted Stop light on my 981 Cayman. This module will flash the CHMSL 4 times when the brakes are applied. I believe the wires are located in the drivers side rear speaker housing.
This could prevent a rear collision in any vehicle by creating awareness of the vehicle in front of you.
In Addition A Driving Tip:
Remember if you are ever stopped on a highway with other vehicles always turn on your flashers if you are the last car in traffic.
Many drivers traveling at highway speed do not recognize the vehicles in front of them as being stopped until it's too late. Turning on your flashers creates awareness and turns on the depth perception of the drivers approaching you from behind.
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