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Hi all,

I've been a Rennlist member for years (raced a 993), now wanting to build a Spec Cayman and found this terrific forum.

I'm looking for a car to start a spec Cayman build.

Must have:
6 Speed
987.1S (2006-2008)
Stock motor and trans (or easily returned to stock)
Stock Body (or easily returned to stock)
No Water Damage
No Tub damage

Like to have:
Under 80k miles
Would really like to find a car with low mileage and a blown engine (price would be commensurate with damage)...

Other than that, anything goes...
Dents / Dings are fine.
Dog crapped in the interior? Does not matter.
Significant body damage is fine (price would be commensurate with damage)
Curbed / bent wheels / bald tires do not matter.
Bent suspension (assuming tub is straight) does not matter..
Ghosts / Poltergeists are welcome to stay

What makes this a unicorn: I only want to spend 20k...

If you own this unicorn: please PM me. I have cash in hand.

Since I don't come here very often, feel free to email me: jeff at thescotts dot name (yes .name)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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