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Hi All!

Spring is virtually at our doorstep, and it's getting time to make your as clean as can be!

Check out our Ultimate Paintwork Bundle, which is shipped free in the USA and all APO/FPO addresses.

Zymol Special Bundles at Store

Here's the info:

At last! Everything you need to wash and clean your car's paintwork, and leave a proper surface for waxing! From Zymol, the premier name in car care.

You get: * 1 Zymol Sponge. Designed specifically for car washing, it has small pores to help avoid picking up dirt.

* 1 Twinpack of Pre-Wax Applicators. The only approved applicator for Zymol HD Cleanse.

* 1 16 oz. bottle of Zymol Clear. A tremendous value in the hard-to-get large 16 oz. size. The safest and most effective auto bath we know of.

* 1 16 oz. bottle of HD Cleanse in this money saving large size. Safe and effective for pre-wax surface prep.

* 1 5 oz. container of Lehm Klay III. Zymol's latest version of famous and user-friendly yellow Lehm Klay series.

* 1 12 oz. container of Lehm Lube. The natural accompaniment to Lehm Klay for safe and effective use. Since Zymol waxes last so long, this bundle make for a money-saving interim investment in between. The 16 oz. bottles of HD Cleanse and Clear are often the first products to disappear at car shows.

At $142.USD TO YOUR DOOR you save by buying the "Bundle".

We have sold these to members of the automotive press, and to overseas visitors to the USA. They know a good deal when they see it! Get your car "ULTIMATE CLEAN" the Zymol way today!

And if you're visiting the USA, we are specialists at getting products to you at your hotel.

Best regards,:cheers:

Roger the Waxmeister

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